Inu x Boku SS Ep 10: Cockblocker

With Kagerou at the scene, Ririchiyo is forced to cancel her plans with Soushi, twice as she is the sadist keeps her preoccupied by dragging her along on his S&M Adventures. However the fact he wants to tell her something sets the tensions high between Soushi and Ririchiyo, and she comes to learn from Soushi himself that he has been deceiving her.


Well, my speculations from last week hit the bullseye:

“In fact, we’ll either end up with a cliffhanger next week which would make episode 11 completely  devoted to Soushi’s backstory, and make the finale wrap up the case like it did in the manga. It’s entirely possible precisely because that would be the simple and most efficiant way to complete this adaption- and at the same time, even better; for the fans who love it (mind you, I am not one of them), prepare a debut of the next arc if there were to be a second season.”
 Inu x Boku SS Ep 9: Whoops Roadblock!

I have to say though, for once- the first half of the episode actually had development and left an impact on me. In other words, for once I wasn’t as bored. However I won’t lie, I actually considered to stop watching in the middle of the show because the idea of doing something else appealed to me more. I had to stubbornly tell myself to keep watching, and you know how I did?
“Watch it and get it over with!” That’s what I thought.
Now that’s pretty sad don’t you think?

Anyhow, this episode turned out pretty strong. I was able to enjoy the fact that Ririchiyo has finally acknowledged her feelings towards Soushi and mustered up the courage and tried her best to confront him and apologize since he wasn’t answering the phone. The tensions between them was so thick that I felt a little nervous about what was about to happen. Poor Ririchiyo ended up getting hurt, but as if that alone wasn’t enough, Soushi dropped the bomb at the end of the episode telling her that he was deceiving her the entire time.

Kagerou I must say is the ultimate cockblocker. He interferes with everything at just the right time. I pitied Ririchiyo and Banri being dragged along only to have their energy drained out of them while Karuta is more than satisfied with the food. That’s probably the only positive point with having Kagerou as a master.

Next week is backstory time!


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