Guilty Crown ep 22 (and overall review)

So I just watched the finale to Guilty Crown. I fell so behind I doubt I’ll be able to properly catch up just yet, since Persona 4 is getting close and I actually have time to get up to date on that one, so read to see my overall opinion of the series!

So this series started off real slow. And when I saw real slow, just think about my other shows. Not to mention when the show first started I was working 70 hour work weeks for Christmas and it sucked so much I couldn’t watch anything at all. So needless to say when it was a good 10 episodes in and I finally had a day off…and all there was was bullshit about armadillo shields and weird stuff, I was put off.

Then episode 10 hit. OH SHIT DID I CHANGE MY MIND. I mean come on. Stuff hits the FAN! And episode 12 was so perfect I literally exploded with joy. In fact, from here on out I shall use synonyms to describe Guilty Crown. Because in a lot of ways, it should have ended at episode 12. They justified it later, but episode 12 was a more satisfying ending in a lot of ways.

But the finale of Sans Innocence Symbol of Royal Status was completely different from that satisfying ending of Guilty Crown. Oh dont get me wrong. shit got real good and for Mana and Gai the ending was good. But I hate Mana. I really do not care for her. She literally rubbed her mothers pregnant belly while she was dying and only cared about fucking her not even born yet brother. Fuck Mana. Not as much as Arisa though. Arisa is a terrible terrible character and there is no justification for how much she SUCKS.

But Conscience Stricken Garland is weird like that. They really did develop soooo many people well. Like Ayase. And Nagisa. And Haruka. And Shu. GOD I LOVE SHU. Watch Mirai Nikki and then watch GC. It’s so refreshing, the difference. Push over surrounded by insane people, stays weak. Push over surrounded by insane people spreading cancer/using him, somehow gets stronger despite bigger pressure. Shu grows up so much and deserves ALL MY LOVE.

But the ending…it was meh. First off, we all saw the Shu savior thing coming. We all were expecting it. And I wanted it. And hey, I forgave Gai in the end because he just, as always, loved Mana and wanted her to be free finally. I think it was a fitting ending for him because I believe Mana saw how much he truly loved her and actually embraced him for real. That seems so fitting, and actually really genuine. So Gai’s ending I liked, it even made me hate Mana less because for once she wasn’t being an annoying yandere bitch. But Inori got a bitch death and Shu SHOULD HAVE DIED. All Inori did was give her life to him and reward him for taking the burden off others, and i guess saved him with the power of lurve, but no man. They both should have died. Much better ending, and not pretending to be dating someone through an iPod.

Now for my biggest complaint






Daryl and Tsugumi’s budding relationship and Daryl’s struggle for an identity were one of the best parts of this whole show. He’s a jerkass, but we all loved him for it. SO WHERE IS HE?! I hope they make an OVA just about Daryl being awesome and making out with Tsugumi. Mostly being awesome. And then Ayase can kick his ass with her wheelchair and they”ll learn the power of FRIENDSHIP. Bawww….

Most of all……… was so rushed. Gai and Mana were spot on and the happy birthday Hare I liked, but other than that…NO. IT NEEDS MORE CLOSURE. It could have been a masterpiece but I felt let down. WHERE IS MY DARYL? WHAT ARE THEY EVEN DOING NOW? THE FUCK IS HARUKA? And very importantly, please tell me Arisa’s dead or in prison. She is such a terrible character and I hope that bullet at least made her wheelchair buddies with Ayase. /stolethatquote

on that note

this makes me happy


ok one more time


I give this series a neutral rating. Doesn’t deserve praise, does deserve some fans and a whole shit ton of fanfic. Also, very awesome OST and shit. Pretty art. But the plot takes too long to start and only wraps up Gai in a satisfying way.

on that note


gai wins guilty crown…er i mean incriminated diadem…




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5 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    This pretty much summed up in the best way possible how I too, felt about this show. *highfives*

    But seriously:

    *SOBS* Oh Rowan, you looked out for the boy till the very end!

  2. Kal says:

    …what a sneeze of an ending. =___________________=


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