Chihayafuru Episode 25 [Final]: Moving Forward


I love cute things.

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8 Responses

  1. chelsie1294 says:

    NO!! IT’S FINALLY OVER?! NO! please…please tell me there’s going to be a second season…Chihayafuru is my favorite anime of all time! now if you’ll excuse me i’ll be going over there to sulk…*goes to emo corner*

  2. TimesTicking says:

    damn…. once Season 2 comes out, it will be freaking awesome XD
    time for me to read the manga!

    • Vantage says:

      I approve of that attitude – “once” S2 comes out, instead of “if” xD

      The manga isn’t scanlated very far, but I’m sure there are raws out there much further ahead in the story. I think Eva has a site for that actually…

    • Eva says:

      Fufufufufufufu…. Indeed~
      ;^; I really hope they license the manga here in North America soon, it’s sooo good. I’d love to add it to my collection.

      • chelsie1294 says:

        Even if they don’t license it i’m still going to buy it when I have money. I know this site where they have every volume (up to16) and the books are 5 bucks each! it might be in Japanese but when I’m going to collage in 2 years I’m going to take classes to learn and read Japanese plus you can get a slight understanding from the pictures so it won’t be a total waste to buy the raws! I already downloaded the manga up to volume 15…still stalking sites for 16…

        and um…heheh…I’m also writing a ChiArata fanfic and i’m going to post it in soon…so basically Chihayafuru and my ship is still in my heart despite the anime being over…for now anyways *crosses fingers* Once it’s spring break for me I will marathon it! No regrets!

        • Eva says:

          OTL Even more of a reason why I should get started on learning the language already…

          >_> Yeah I’d love to buy the original copies whenever I can afford it. But i can’t imagine how ugly the shipping fees are going to be.
          Yeah I downloaded up to volume 15 and then I accidentally deleted it- and now I don’t remember where I got it from. *shrugs* Oh well. The Translation team will eventually catch up. EVENTUALLLYYY~

          8D Writing a fanfic, woohoo! Actually wait a second- (I haven’t been at FF.Net for a while), do they have a Chihayafuru section now?

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