Chihayafuru Ep 24: The Queen’s Match – Shinobu VS Yumin

Chihaya and the gang watches the Queen’s Match at Taichi’s place. They find themselves astonished with the sudden turn of events that could jeopardize Shinobu’s performance.


This was my reaction when I saw Shinobu. >>>>>

Oh man, Shinobu gave me a fright when she didn’t  appear as we were expecting her to! The first thing the sprung to my mind was, “OMFG, NO NO NO NO NO SHINOBU, WHAT THE HELL- ALL THAT FAT CAN JEOPARDIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE!” because since last week, Vantage and I have been talking how excited we were about seeing Shinobu DESTROYING Yumin.

I wasn’t expecting to see so much backstory on Shinobu this episode, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. But I won’t lie, I’m very disappointed that we couldn’t see the aggressive match between the two. I really would’ve liked to have seen the match in action.

Shinobu has this amazing attachment to the cards. They are her precious beloved friends that she never gets tired of reading and understanding. She is so close to her cards, that she has a remarkable ability to be able to sense where they are. I think this is what you’d call a spiritual connection. What drawn Shinobu into Karuta in the first place was seeing the cute pictures on them, which is adorable. I too probably would’ve been the same way if I had seen the pictures for the first time as a child.

Chihaya now understands what she lacks in comparison to Shinobu (I’m excluding Yumi because I have no respect for her). She needs to develop that connection between her and the cards. Shinobu memorized every single card, in other words if you put it this way: if she were to forget one that would be like betraying her friend. She goes as far to apologize for not being able to protect/take them onto her side.

The King is a terrifying character, even Shinobu dislikes him because he makes her feel uncomfortable. What’s even more startling is how he claims, “There are 28 one-syllable cards for him.”
MY GOD!!!!

Next week is the last episode, I’m expecting us to be able to actually SEE the King’s Match. I want us to be able to at the very least, it looks like he shares the same ability as Chihaya, which is hearing the cards before anyone else.

My god it really doesn’t feel like it’s about to end this show. Please please please please please for the love of god, announce there’s going to be a second season already!!!!!!!!!! MY HEART CAN’T TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Taichi’s mom is REALLY scary.


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2 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    I felt something was a bit off, seeing as how Chihaya and co. were just watching not even from the sidelines, but on a TV at home. If it’s just the Master match next week, it’d be a pretty weak ending depending on how they set it out and all that.

    Shinobu, I AM DISAPPOINT. T_T

  2. chelsie1294 says:

    I loved this weeks episode! Though…I wish we got to see a lot more action from the queen match cause then we can see yumin get destroyed even more! XD I was also shocked to see shinobu so chubby!

    Oh man so this is it huh? Last episode is next week already…If there is no season 2 I will seriously go to the emo corner along with all the other fans and cry because my heart defiantly won’t take it! Come on Japan, make it happen! I have so much respect for you and your amazingly awesome culture, language, and anime! Please don’t let me down by not giving this wonderful, heart-warming show a second season! Please!

    Usually when there is a show I really like i’m never EVER this sad before, all I usually say when a show I liked is over is a small “aw its over already? Oh well it was good at least.” done. End of story and I find another anime to watch. Yet here I am begging for a season 2 on a show that has beautiful art, music, and story!

    I’ll be honest here…I usually hate animes that have blood, murder, psychopaths, and freaking random panty-shots at the wrong times heck, I hate panty-shots period it’s funny sometimes but it’s also immature. So it’s hard to find animes that don’t have any of that, usually the ones that don’t are either very boring, plot sucks, or it’s incomplete. If a show does have blood it needs to be minor same with murder (I’m squeamish ok? psychopaths were slightly ok till I watched mirai nikki.) but with blood and murder if it’s bad like Mirai Nikki for example, I will cover my eyes till it’s over. my favorite genres are romance, school life, slice of life, and comedy. (i’m boring I know…)

    Again I REALLY hope there is a second season to this beautiful show! I would help by buying all the manga volumes, CD’, DVD/Blue-rays if I had any money…I even found this japanese site where the Chihayafuru manga volumes are 5 bucks each but I’m sadly poor…like I said I would seriously help out for another season but since I am broke, all I can do right now is beg, pray, plead, and cry for a season 2 announcement…however when I end up getting money the first thing i’m going to do is order volume 1 and 2 of the manga for support regardless that it’s in kanji! I’m that determined to help, besides when I go to collage i’m planning on learning and studying japanese along with going to Japan (if i’m lucky of course…) for my mission if I end up going (I’m LDS just in case your wondering. I’m only going IF i’m 21 and not engaged or have a boyfriend yet, and my boyfriend/ fiancee has to be a returned missionary. they have to go when they are 19 and they return from it when they are 21.)

    anyways I’ve babbled on long enough, later! PS: I will go down with the Chiarata ship till the very end, Chiarata FTW!!

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