Chihayafuru Ep 22: Chihaya VS Former Queen Yamamoto Yumi

Chihaya finds herself facing the former Queen in her next match. However her opponent doesn’t appear to be  competing all out. Has she really already given up or can she find that will once again?


Oh my god.
Oh my fucking god.

Chihaya actually lost! ;A; Oh my god, I’m crying! CHIHAYA!!!!! *SOBS AND HUGS*
Smokes, I didn’t think this would actually happen, but holy shit- damn! I knew this girl popped up in the manga, I don’t remember seeing the result of their match, but- oh my god. This is like, completely unexpected to see when there’s only three episodes left.

This episode was really something. I couldn’t help but hold my breath and feel rather isolated. They really conveyed how stuffy the air was inside the room with the condensation extremely well.

The match with Yumi (former Queen) was insane. I don’t blame Chihaya one bit for telling herself, “I won’t let her take one card from me.” when she sensed and knew that at the time, Yumi just didn’t care anymore and wasn’t in it to win it. And it’s understandable from Yumi’s POV of why she felt that way in the first place. The high expectations from her coach and others was incredibly overwhelming.

It was terribly upsetting to watch Coach Kitano trying to reassure her or make excuses for her loss such as, “Oh it wasn’t your day!”. I honestly thought Chihaya was going to tell her directly to play seriously, but her aggressive vibes and burst of confidence did the job on its own, which backfired. I’m not entirely sure whether it would have made a difference if Chihaya continued her ‘cautious’ strategy till the very end, especially when the one who snapped Yumi back into the game with a breath of fresh air and encouragement was her coach.

Man… I don’t know what else to say. I’m still in disbelief. It’s almost as if I have to double check and see if it actually happened, but I know it. It did. It’s no lie.
Chihaya lost, and that’s all there is to it.



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4 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    I never expected for Chihaya to lose O.o
    So there wont be Chihaya vs Shinobu??? T.T
    What shall Arata do??? What will Chihaya do?

    • Eva says:

      Well we don’t know for sure yet, but it’s ridiculously difficult to brainstorm and theorize what the hell they are going to do.
      Arata will definitely be disappointed to hear about her loss, but I have a feeling he won’t get too far himself.

      Now chant with me: SEASON 2, SEASON 2, SEASON 2, SEASON 2~

  2. Neat says:

    I have posted my comment about this episode in other forum but I want to share it here too.

    When Chihaya played against the Queen and lost, I can accept that because it is obviously shown that the Queen is so much stronger than her. But after watching the latest episode of anime (the match with the previous queen Yumi) I was so upset by her lost.

    I don’t like the way Yumi played. She intentionally disturb her opponent, making Chihaya lose her concentration and become less confident. And I really wonder if Yumi was the first one to touch the cards like she claimed. If there was a re-play scene to show what happened, everything would be clear. But since there was no such scenes, only Yumi said it herself, I can’t help thinking that Yumi was cheating, and that happened at least twice. Chihaya lost only by 4 cards, the result might be opposite if Yumi didn’t use that tactic.

    Anyway, anime will be only 25 episodes? That’s so sad. It is only halfway compare to manga version. I hope there will be season 2.

    PS Sorry if my English is confusing. I”m not a native.

    • Eva says:

      :) Don’t worry about your english, it’s fine!

      I’ve noticed a lot of people are not happy with Yumi (I don’t particularlly like her either), but I do have to point out.
      There were times that Yumi have touched the card before Chihaya, so her argument at times can be valid.
      A good examples would be this particular scene:

      Even I had originally thought Chihaya was the one to touch it first and was upset about it, but when I saw this, I realized that Yumi did beat her to it, and she had every right to say that she did.

      On top of that, Chihaya has used strategies in the past such as being loud as she played to distract her opponent- of course, not to this extreme.
      It was also Chihaya’s fault for not being more stubborn to protect some of the cards she thought she had earned. That’s another weakness Chihaya has, but with a little push and word of advice, I’m sure she’d be able to as she can stubbornly keep recruiting people for their Karuta Club even when they say ‘NO’ the first time (lol).

      But even so, for that major comeback, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did cheat her way into getting some of the cards. :\

      Unfortunitely Chihayafuru will only have 25 episodes. There’s no telling whether there will be a second season or not. However even if we don’t hear anything about it by the finale, I’d say be optimistic and open-minded, depending on how it wraps up. For example, it wasn’t until a month or two ago that Utapri Season 2 was announced which aired in Summer 2011 Season.

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