Brave 10 Episode 11 – In Which It Became “Black Butler”

Princess Yuri and Raizo, one true pairing. You can smell the love in the air~

The Iga Five continue their face-off against the Sanada Braves are on the losing end of the fight. Isanami embraces the power of the Kushimitama, and becomes the goddess of destruction.


Part two of the fight from last episode. There’s a build-up to finale in the last 5 minutes, but overall, most of the episode was just major mind-delving into the delusions and illusions of Yuri. I was probably most interested in the “illusion” chosen by the shadowmaster, and how convincing it was. Yuri, Yuri…in the dream he was female, and Saizo was a servant by the name of Raizo that loved her for who she was, even when everyone shunned her.

Though this is probably the least expected place to discuss gender-issues, this episode actually touched on something beyond the endless fighting/kidnapping/fighting/kidnapping cycles. The addressing of the question of Yuri’s gender was pretty important, the fact that she was envisioned as a female in the dream brings together the issue that friends keep bringing up. His gender, because of his feminine looks is always in question, and the fact that he’s attracted to Saizo, and how acceptable it is…seems to show that there’s continued acceptance of other preferences in anime, if not in society itself.

Then again, there’s also Anastasia. As the blonde bombshell of the group, her back story is revealed…and is that a crack in that frosty veneer? There’s probably a good reason that she’s on the other side (for now), and as much I strongly dislike this show, I’ll keep watching for that little tidbit that they keep holding just out of reach.

And FINALLY…the goddess of destruction arises. Isanami accepts the dark nature of herself and embraces the power of the Kushimitama. It appears that she’s the only one that can control/hold the power, but since she has no confidence in herself, she’s easily manipulated. I don’t see Saizo and her ending up as OTP, but it will be a nice, friendly parting for all.

Expect a happy ending.



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