Area no Kishi Ep 10: The Little Witch

Sorry for the delay, this goes for all of my late entries. I’ve been down with a fever. =^=|||| It appears ALOT of people are sick though…is the flu going around or something?

Seven embraces her second chance to take a step closer to her dream, however Kakeru can’t help but feel angry about the fact Seven didn’t confront him about it first.


I won’t lie, the best part of the episode for me was actually the Physical Education soccer match. I felt nostalgic when Seven eagerly went to the boy’s team because they couldn’t divide the groups up evenly. I was usually the only girl in my gym class that ever looked forward to being on the boy’s team instead of the girls (LOL- I proved myself worthy to have the ball passed to me). Well we had quite a bit of girls that loved soccer, but you know how things go. They don’t usually play competitively as they do in the interclub or intercity summer matches.

I wasn’t expecting the entire episode to be devoted to Seven, but I have no complaints. It was awesome despite the fact we didn’t get to see too much gameplay like we would in Kakeru’s matches. I think it would’ve been twice as exciting if we were able to, especially since it was a fierce game where both sides where scoring endlessly (clearly both teams didn’t have strong defensemen to top their opponent’s and break the scoring momentum).

I felt sad for Kakeru because in a sense, he’s left behind as the last one to full fill their childhood promise by taking part of representing Japan’s team. I don’t blame him one bit for being upset that Seven didn’t tell him right away, and was feeling frustrated because of it. So I’m pleased to see that he understood by the end of the episode that his time will come eventually, and until then, he will continue to grow stronger and climb those stairs towards his goal!

Overall this was a pleasant episode to watch. I wasn’t jumping out of my seat or anything, which I admit is downer, especially when Seven is getting plenty of screen time while playing on the field. Next week the boy’s team will be facing some conflicts amongst each other that threatens to tear their team apart.


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