Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 8: Test of Courage with an Uninvited Guest

The summer festival is here and Remon decides to host a Test of Courage and play matchmaker. However the test is spoiled when Ichika’s planet’s Federation Rescue Drone shows up to pick her up.



Man what an episode!
My respect towards both Tetsurou and Mio continues to grow as despite having exchanged an confession. Seriously these two are totally meant to be. They are incredibly selfless people who put their friends first before themselves.
Before I finish talking about them- MIO SO CUTE WITH HER HAIR CUT LAKSJDALKJSDALSKJD!!!!

I felt really bad for Kanna as she’s the only one of the entire group that is very much oblivious to what’s happening and how its changing people. I think that when she had mentioned how Mio changed, she understood that she is missing out in something. And then I pitied her when she was trying to muster up her courage to confess and we already knew, just by Kaito’s expression that he was mentally preparing himself to reject her. Kanna very much reached the ‘BAD END’ of her route with Kaito unless a miracle occurs and strengthens their relationship to a new level.

Remon’s existence throughout the entire show so far been quite a mystery. I am honestly conflicted whether I should take her seriously (as she enjoys being dramatic at times) when she ‘reminded’ Manami that she is an eternal seventeen years old. I also found her not very surprised about the whole incident of explosions and the shrine trembling as if there were an earthquake which makes me question whether she was aware what had arrived at the scene.
Another thing that we got to see from Remon acting as the matchmaker and purposely decided to hold the Test of Courage event to help progress the relationships. I’m sure her orignal plan was just for her own amusement to film, but I think she got a small wake up call when we saw her with a sympathetic look while she was looking at Ichikata and had actually hestiated to film the scene (as she wasn’t already doing so when she had arrived at the scene).

With Ichika’s secret is partially out, I do worry about how Kaito is going to react. Without a doubt he’s in a state of shock, and freaked out by the whole healing process… but I hope this won’t change his feelings towards Ichika. If he truely loves her, he will accept her for who she is.



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