Rinne no Lagrange Ep 9: Villa’s Plot

The Jersey Club is a group that’s sole purpose is to help people out that are in need…and apparently cats, too.

Basically, this entire episode is of Izo, one of Villagiullo’s “lackys,” trying to find Madoka against Villa’s orders. And the other two lackys find themselves in odd situations trying to find him. Again, no mecha battles in this epsiode, ho-hum. But it seems there will be one very soon with Villa’s plot to destroy the Vox.

Impression: The other two of Villa’s accomplices, besides, Izo, seem to realize Madoka’s strength and know that they can’t beat her themselves. Izo, on the other hand, sets out to find her, wielding a knife. He finds himself in multiple situations trying to find her; beating up innocent passer-bys, getting called a pervert and sprayed with a hose by the girls at the Oraga art festival, and in a “ceremony” of sorts, where Madoka’s friends all think he’s her boyfriend.

Despite all of this trouble he goes through, when Izo actually finds Madoka, he disappears and later tells his buddies that he “lost interest” in looking for her. I think this is due to the fact that Madoka’s friends, while questioning him and whatnot (at this ceremony deal) tell him about the Jersey Club and its purpose. It seems that he changes his attitude towards her right after that, seemingly impressed by her selflessness and not wanting to harm her anymore. An odd change of heart for an evil guy, but I guess we’ll see what goes on with him next week.

Meanwhile all of this is going on, the other two are looking for Izo to stop him from killing/capturing Madoka (not sure which he was planning to do-that’s not very clear). The blonde haired boy who is dressed like a maid, Array, is caught up in a silly situation-he can’t pay his bill to the restaurant he ate at, coincidentally it was Madoka’s uncle’s shop, and he has to work off his bill. On the other hand, the blue-haired guy actually comes into direct contact with Madoka. He sees a drowning little boy in the ocean and before he can save him, Madoka comes to the rescue and jumps in. While she’s running away, he says to himself, “I should’ve asked her if she knows where I can find Madoka.” Oh, irony.

And again, this is all going on while Lan, Muginami, and Madoka are doing odd jobs as the Jersey club for this “Oraga” arts festival that their school is putting on. While Muginami and Lan are alone, Lan brings up the fact that she thinks Madoka is upset about not being able to pilot her Vox, despite her outward indifference towards it. Muginami agrees to this, after Lan explains to her how strong the bond is between the Vox and its pilot.  Lan is, again, shown as being clumsy and adorable. That’s about all that goes on with the girls this episode, so I’ll leave it at that.

At the end of the episode, the three guys go back to their temporary house on Earth, meeting Lord Villa there. Villa is playing a silly game on the Wii console, but don’t let his ridiculous actions fool you. He says that he’s going to destroy the Vox before the La Garite rescue team comes to retrieve it. This sets a very good stage for next week’s episode, or so I can only hope.

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2 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    Please tell me that I wasn’t the only one giggling with glee with the Shipping Potentials. Heehee…

    This was such a sweet episode. I’m glad we were able to learn about why Madoka joined/continued the Jersey Club and how her mother died.

    • Kat says:

      I really love the parallels we see between her and her mother. This episode teaches us that her mother died from trying to save someone from drowning, then Madoka saves someone from drowning. Could this be foreshadowing? As in, Madoka will die trying to save someone else’s life?

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