Smile Precure! Ep 2: Smashing Debut!!!

Miyuki decides to help Candy search for the remaining Precures that she was told about and decides to recruit her friends for the job! However Candy quickly explains that she’s supposed to keep the fact she’s a Precure a secret, but fortunately neither of her friends figured they had the time as Akane is aiming to become the volleyball team’s ace! Unfortunately for Akane, her rival (the current ace) overpowers her but instead of letting that get to her, she decides to practice even harder. The next day during the match in which she has signifcantly improved, Wolfrun returned to attempt another BAD ENDING! After having failed to purify Akanbe and unable to use Happy Shower for the second time and quickly wounding up in a pinch, Akane awakens her Precure powers and saves the day!


HAHAHAHAHA! Once again, another cute episode! Even though Miyuki considers herself to be a cluz, I honestly don’t think so. I mean, it’s not over the top like you see in Sailor Moon, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream where the main heroine basically trips and falls almost every split second. She can at least stand on her two feet and not trip and fall every freaking second, seeing her stumble over a rock doesn’t make me consider her as a cluz- which is a good thing, because heroines that are total cluz aren’t my favourite.

I think the best part about this episode is learning that the girls are limited to the use their purification abilties because they lack the energy to do so. I imagine over time as they grow more accustomed to their newfound powers that they’ll be able to use it more than once, otherwise a power upgrade that differs to two ‘purifcation’ methods.

I really like seeing the super strength coming from both girls, as it’s very fun to watch Miyuki’s who’s not as atheletically talented as Hino litterally kick ass.

Hino’s reaction to the whole thing was cute. Instead of being all ecstatic about it like Akane’s had reacted, she was more flustered and found it embarrassing. I also found it incredibly amusing that they have these really goofy pose/stance for when they are charging up their Smile Purification.

I found it really funny how Miyuki thought like, “OH HEY! I’LL INVITE THE GIRLS TO BECOME PRECURE WITH ME!”. She wasn’t all about keeping it a secret, nor was she told to in the first place until later. Ironically enough Yayoi will be the next Precure to join them.

On the extra note, I thought I would mention that I have noticed that people are already shipping Miyuki x Wolfrun together! I’m actually not surprised, especially after seeing this episode, but my shipping side hasn’t awaken for this show yet, so I’m still standing on the dock waiting for another one, or this one in particular to spike my interest.

Oh and that Precure Movie preview featuring all the Precures, I burst out laughing. I still amazes me how they dump all the characters into one movie!


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