Rinne no Lagrange Ep8: Legend

20,000 years ago, the earth collapsed.

 Synopsis: 20,000 years ago, the earth collapsed. So why are Lan and Muginami protesting now? Well, it turns out that the Voxes were responsible for this collapse. The legend says that a superior race inhabited earth before the three machines destroyed everything. The planet itself, however, stayed intact. Now re-inhabited with the Voxes still working, several people from other planets have come to stop what could result in the real destruction of the earth.

Impression: Two episodes ago, we saw Madoka’s Vox do some weird things. Apparently, this weird thing was the flower of Rinne blossoming. I presume this is a bad thing, because at the end of the episode Asteria says that this must never happen again.

Asteria the Great

Asteria is the great grand daughter of the Chairman of Novumundus-the boss of all of the aliens that are working on earth and are currently associated with the Voxes. She is sent down in place of her great grandfather because he “doesn’t like to travel too far” in his old age and all. Upon first sight, before this information was revealed to us, I though to myself, this little girl is in charge of all of these people???” Oh, and this girl has a bit of an evil side as well. She was the one who taught Lan all of the customs on earth, and supposedly she taught her that her signature “woof” is not actually a greeting.

Anyway, the reason why Asteria was sent to earth in the first place was because Madoka made her Vox blossom with Rinne. Asteria has a hard time believing that a girl like her could awaken such a legend. As the episode progresses, we learn that Asteria wants to ban the use of the Voxes. Lan and Muginami are outwardly upset about this and oppose her, but Modoka isn’t too upset about it; which is odd because she is the one that’s mainly being targeted, after all.

After hearing the full story of the legend and how the earth could be destroyed if Rinne blossoms again, Madoka admits that she doesn’t think she’s strong enough to keep her Vox from doing what it did before a second time. This is, quite possibly, the first time we see a hint of weakness in Madoka; very out of character.

Lan and Muginami are upset by this glimmer of weakness in Madoka; they want her to be able to keep piloting her Vox as she pleases (hence their protesting). Madoka assures them that all will be fine, because even if she can’t fly her mecha, they’ll still have each other. Then commences an adorable hug between the three.

A heartwarming hug!!!

At the end of the episode, Villa makes an appearance. He’s asking Asteria to hand over the Voxes, but she declines. Upon this rejection, the evil Lord Villa tells her that she’ll end up regretting making that decision. But I guess we’ll see…I do think, though, that this foreshadows Villa attacking earth.

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