Rinne no Lagrange Ep 7: Flashbacks, Eels, and Bonding Time

Sigh. Another episode of this series with no mecha action. Come on! Well, at least the girls got some things sorted out between themselves and are back to being good friends again.

 Synopsis: From the few flashbacks in this episode, we learn a lot about Muginami’s background: where exactly she comes from, what her childhood was like, and why she’s so attached to Lord Villa. Madoka, Lan, and Muginami all make up in this episode and call each other family.

Impression: It turns out that Muginami comes from a planet called U-Go; a desolate planet filled with despair and struggle. The only thing the people care about on the planet is themselves and their own survival. Muginami calls it “a colourless place” while describing it to Madoka. In the flashbacks, we see young Muginami (not nearly as adorable as young Lan) with Lord Villa, time after time. In the first flashback, we see her share her only food, an apple core, with Villa, who was somehow washed up on shore.  He returns the favor a while later in the next flashback by bringing her an entire apple-food is scarce all over the planet, so this was a heartwarming gesture. Muginami says that Villa taught her to love and kept her alive through her childhood. How sweet, but it’s unfortunate that he’s a total jerk now.

Ditsy Lan covered in eels!

Besides learning about Muginami’s past, there’s not too much left to be said about this episode. I guess I’ll talk about the scene where Madoka and Lan, as members of the Jersey Club, are directed to remove tons of eels from the pool. This was a bit funny; Lan is clumsy in this scene as always, and Madoka saves the day…as always. It was a good bonding time for the two girls, but I don’t think their friendship needs much more development than it already has…get on with the action already!

Okay, the ending is adorable as well so I can’t keep myself from writing about that. Madoka and Muginami are taking a bath together and end up apologizing to one another for the events that occurred in the previous episode. At night, Muginami slips a note under Madoka’s door and leaves the house, not expecting to go back.

Madoka comforting Muginami after she has a breakdown


However, Madoka and Lan both show up and show her that she’s family by taking a bath in the ocean, completely nude. What a cute way to show someone they’re family, huh?

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