Rinne no Lagrange Ep 6: Outnumbered

Horray! This episode put us back into the fighting part of this anime. The action was impeccable, probably the best of this series thus far.

Synopsis: As Muginami is grieving over what happened in the last episode, Madoka and Lan go out to fight Villa and his accomplices to get revenge for her. Little do they realize just what they’re up against, which makes for a very interesting fight.

Impression: I’m glad that the fighting and action resumed in this episode; it was getting a bit boring for the last two episodes. I know they were required for character and plot development, but this is a mecha! This episode certainly made up for the non-action filled last few episodes, though.

Engergized and positive!

At the start, Muginami is crying in Madoka’s uncle’s shop, so Madoka and Lan decide to take action against the enemy. Instead of waiting for Villa to attack, they mount their Voxes and target him directly. Before they do so, Madoka brings in tons of soda pop/energy drinks and gulps them down, as well as giving one to Lan (which makes her a bit sick).

When the two finally get into their mechas and go after Villa, they discover that they are hopelessly outnumbered. Villa has a giant fleet just waiting up in the sky for him. What a coward, hiding behind a bunch of troops to delay their attack for longer.

Surprisingly, Madoka and Lan take out tons of the enemy mechas with ease. Just when Villa releases himself from his giant unit, Muginami decides to “help out” and goes into the air with her Vox as well. We find out that Villa’s mecha is extremely powerful; he shoots a giant ball of energy…or something of the sort…and creates a giant whole in the ocean beneath.

Anyway, just as Madoka is going  to take on Villa head-on, Muginami switches sides and stands between the two to protect her beloved brother. This chick should just make up her mind already; is she upset with Villa or does she want to fight with him? It’s so frustrating; I wish she would just pick a side already. She even has the nerve to call Madoka selfish.

Madoka's Vox...erm...glowing and whatnot

At the end of this episode, something odd happens that I can’t really understand yet. Madoka’s Vox starts to glow and emit sparkley things that turn out to be flowers. What is the meaning of this? It doesn’t make sense yet, but I guess it will be explained. One of the people back at the base catches one of the falling flowers in his hands and questions: “Is this what Villa was after?” Then, “Rin-ne has blossomed.” Is this some sort of super mechanism of Madoka’s Vox? I have no idea.

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