Rinne no Lagrange Ep 5: Betrayal

After last weeks break from the main plot of this show (due to character introduction and development), I guess it was good to get back on track…for the most part.  This episode didn’t have any mecha fights, but it was less “slice of life”-esque than last weeks episode, which was good. Synopsis: Lan is desperately trying to find out exactly who Muginami is, while at the same time trying to convince Madoka to stay away from her.  We find out this episode that Muginami is, for certain, on the enemy’s side, as her “brother” is Lord Villa.

Impression: So this episode begins with Lan’s dream. She’s playing a game with who else but her enemy, Lord Villa. We find out in this dream what a Lagrange is: a flower that stands for “freedom, charm, and blunder.” I guess that makes sense, given that the translated title of this show is “The Flower Declaration of Your Heart.”

Lan using her neat alien technology.

Anyway, Muginami is trying to win over Lan from the beginning of this episode. She makes Lan and the family breakfast, she hits a home run for her, and then Muginami and Lan do Jersey Club errands together. She’s trying to make friends with her enemy…before she destroys them, I suppose. Lan uses her super-cool alien technology stuff to try to figure out who Muginami is, and she fails at this. Lan, how does your super alien technology fail!? Whatever Lan, it’s a good thing that your looks make up for your failures.

In the end, though, Lan decides to face the situation head-on and confronts Muginami herself. She admits to Lan that she is the enemy and that her “brother” (which is a code name) wanted the Vox. Madoka and her uncle also find out who Muginami really is. She basically reveals herself, telling them a bunch of things and even inviting her “brother” into their home. Her brother figure turns out to be Lord Villa, the supposed leader of the group that’s trying to defeat them.

And man, is this guy a total jerk or what? At first we see him getting drunk with Madoka’s uncle and making an ass of himself, then later he calls Muginami lazy and not worthy of being in his group, while strangling her. This guy really pushes my buttons, so to speak. Muginami turns out to be quite the jerk as well, telling Madoka that the fight between her and Lan doesn’t involve her. Poor Madoka gets so angry at this and lashes back, screaming at Muginami.

Villa getting drunk with Madoka's uncle.

After Lord Villa almost kills Muginami, he is forced to leave by the uncle. Will this indecency turn Muginami into a real friend of Madoka and Lan instead of an enemy just pretending to be a friend? Or will she continue to be a part of Villa’s group after he abused her both physically and emotionally?

What I’m really excited to find out is whether Lan will follow the instructions given to her by Villa? Villa tells her at the very end to “have every Vox destroyed” by the next day or else he will do it, as well as destroying a ship that’s in the ocean. Will Lan find a way around this, or will Muginami come to the rescue?

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  1. Eva says:

    Yeah that last scene shocked me when Lord Villa gave Muginami shit. They were all happy go-lucky and sweet~
    Young Lan was ADORABLE! UFF THAT GUY BESIDE HER I sense potential romance in my radar I don’t think he’s this guy we see now: Lord Villa because their hair/eye color difference. However he still might be involved in this.

    Madoka is going to give him shit next week LOLZ!

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