Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Ep 7: Raika Comes to Visit




Nimura, Sako and Raika finally manage to catch hold of Yuuta, and he invites them over to dinner at his flat. Raika returns a few days later to teach Yuuta how to cook, and spends time with Sora, Miu and Hina. After she leaves though, the landlady of Yuuta’s block of apartments turns up and evicts him out of his flat, giving him one month to leave.


If this was a more ecchi orientated show, then I’m sure we’d have something like a Director’s Cut like with High School DxD, or something that’s uncensored. But it isn’t. So this should have been aired on AT-X I guess we have to wait until the DVD/BD release to see the amazing fanservice that was the bath scene between Raika and the girls.

The whole setup of the club coming over to visit Yuuta was hilarious, though I did fear a bit for Miu and Hina when they were not-so-subtly targeted by Sako-senpai. He represents pretty much every single lolicon in the world, no joke. I mean, Miu and Hina are angels, but Sora is somehow a grandma at just four years ahead LOL xD He should learn never to underestimate tsunderes. N-n-not like they care, or anything!

Yuuta x Raika seems to be progressing nicely, though I’m not sure whether her agreement to teach Yuuta to cook was to see Yuuta or Sora again. Either way, Sora is only all too aware of Raika and her cooking skills (as well as her body) and will do her best to stay in the fight, in her own tsuntsun way. She’ll never be able to beat tied up miko Raika though xD My full-length images still leave much to be desired =/ Much less noticeable than the Nisemono one though.

At the moment, it’s clear that everything’s hard on Yuuta as it is, with him having to work multiple part-time jobs to care for and feed four people under one roof. Though we haven’t quite gotten there yet, they’re already hinting that it’s gonna get much harder once Yuuta starts college, since Sora and Miu have to go to school and there’s no-one to take care of Hina (apart from that seiyuu girl next door).

I don’t know if I expected something to happen while the club or Raika was there, but shit’s really going to go down now, since the lady we see here and there turns out to be Yuuta’s landlady- and wants to kick him out O_O And here I thought she was going to be Hina’s babysitter as well =/ I don’t see what her problem is, he’s paying the rent, and already has enough trouble as it is, so what’s wrong with a few more people? He has to pay for their living costs, and (other than the noise) it’s not doing harm to anyone. If Yuuta has to move out next month, I really have no idea how they’re going to get out of this one. Yuuta, FIGHTO!


I love cute things.

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