Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Ep 5: Can I Call You Onii-chan?

Deredere Sora to the max.


Sora, Miu and Hina are left alone in the house for another day, where they get to know both Sako from Yuuta’s club at school and Kurumi, an aspiring seiyuu who lives next door. When Yuuta forgets his phone, Sora goes out into the city to bring it to him, but gets lost on the way home and is caught under the rain. She flashbacks to when Yuuta helped her back when they first met, and Yuuta does the same when he finds her this time, with Sora working up the courage to call him Onii-chan instead of Uncle.


I don’t know if it’s something about this show or whatever, but a little bit of me died inside when I saw Sora all sad like that, walking and running in the rain while thinking of Yuuta. I also found myself reacting pretty badly when she fell and bruised her hand, which is unusual considering that I didn’t flinch much while sitting through all the deaths shown in Another. The flashback where she meets Yuuta for the first time was really heartwarming as well, and I felt myself pulled into all the different emotions of the characters, which is an amazing thing I like about how this show manages to make me feel. I never want to see Sora-chan cry again ;_; Naked is fine though, I don’t care too much for how high the ecchi levels go.

Though I don’t think they got into too much physical trouble (noticeably, Hina’s amazing wall drawing was still featured) they’ve managed to attract the attention of Sako from school, and Kurumi, the seiyuu neighbour. I can’t believe she voices someone like that in LunaLuna 7, especially with the difference in her real voice and the character she plays. Well, I guess Yukarin or Kugimiya Rie don’t speak in real life the way they do in voice acting. I know HanaKana uses her realistic voice though xD

While it’s cool that they got to know someone…normal like Kurumi, it’s Sako I’m worried about. Recording Miu’s voice was far too creepy, and if Raika wasn’t there Miu’s voice would have been copied and re-saved millions of times over his network of like-minded people. HAHAHA, Miu still thinks he’s a nice guy though xD Thank god Sako doesn’t know of the existence of Hina and Sora, who knows what he would do when Yuuta’s not around. I also fear his definition of “finding a part-time job”, and ending up with Yuuta in a candy making firm with some macho dudes packing strawberries was disturbing, but hilarious xD

I’m not sure exactly what Miu means, since there’s a fine line between Yuuta showing delicacy and Sora running round the house naked more than once, resulting in Yuuta getting slapped almost every time. There was that time when she woke up right next to him too – she definitely wins the “most awkward encounters” award, and I don’t think they’ll be stopping there, either. Anyway, we had really pretty scenery when the skies cleared – I think it was the first time I really appreciated this show’s art style, which is nice in itself.

Am I the only one seeing the ever so slight resemblance to Hakurei Reimu...


I love cute things.

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