Naruto Shippuden Episode 247: On That Night


With Kushina’s help, Naruto manages to overwhelm the Kyuubi with his jutsu and takes his chakra, gaining a new power in the process. When the Kyuubi tries to attack him with the Bijuu Ball again, Naruto seals him with an upgraded seal using the power of the Rikudou Sennin. Kushina then tells Naruto the story of his birth sixteen years ago – and how she and her descendants were also Jinchuurikis of the Kyuubi before him.



We’ve been getting revelation after revelation from Naruto Shippuden recently, since apparently Kushina’s not only the previous Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, but a successor from the first Jinchuuriki, a certain Uzumaki Mito. Also it seems all Uzumaki’s have red hair. Hmm, isn’t that interesting…

Naruto’s new Kyuubi chakra cloak is BEYOND AWESOME. It’s even better animated, and really shows the IMMENSE power difference between his previous “uber” form and his current one. Naruto was still pretty epic before though. I mean, look at that massive Rasengan barrage.

Kyuubi: Oh, shit.

In terms of the flashback to sixteen years ago, I’ve always seen Minato as only the Yondaime and not really as a person – since his name has been always thrown around as an authority figure and someone of legend. It was quite nice to see both him and Kushina acting like a couple would, as well as would-be parents. Seeing as how Minato ends up dying to save Naruto and seal the Kyuubi though, I can’t help but think that there’s a plot hole somewhere, since they are returning to the situation that started the whole series off. I guess one would be Kushina’s existence, since if you look back, the Sandaime acted as an innocent grandfatherly figure to Naruto, while in the current timeline, you have to wonder why he never mentioned anything about Kushina or Uzushiogakure (I’m NOT calling it the Land of Eddy, that just sounds retarded).

Also I’m sure Kushina had friends in Konoha, one being Uchiha Mikoto whom she talked to. They must have known she was an Uzumaki, and Minato’s wife – yet the name Uzumaki Naruto didn’t ring any bells to the rest of the village until…oh, they still have no idea. Anyway, I loved seeing baby Sasuke, that was hilarious how they ironically went “I hope he grows up to be a fine ninja”. LMAO, sure he’s a fine ninja if you mean betraying the village then running off with a snake pedo, later killing said snake pedo. I bet they had no idea how much “Naruto and Sasuke should be friends when they get older!” would recur throughout this series back then.

It’s very obvious that the Kyuubi breaking out of Kushina’s seal is due to the intervention of Tobi, but exactly how he does that is yet to be know, or how he even discovered Naruto’s birth date and the knowledge that the seal weakens during childbirth. But well, he’s Tobi. He can phase in and out of reality, so he can do anything.


I love cute things.

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