Mirai Nikki [Future Diary] ep 12: showdown, can yuki grow some balls?!

Fourth knows his son is running out of time, and must now become God to save him. As such, Yuki and Yuno are forfeit in his eyes.

Ninth is confident she can stop Fourth by holding his Wife and son hostage, but he has another intention. He sets up snipers to kill all three of the diary holders and intends to storm the entire building. When Ninth threatens his sons life he simply responds that his son will die anyway unless he becomes God. Shit hits the fan. PLACES EXPLODE


also this, which I was very happy about

The majority of this episode focuses on how Fourth has become quite different with the knowledge of his sons impending fate. He goes from a helpful companion to downright desperate. Ninth actually gives Yuki and Yuno some help before Yuki and Yuno are stuck fending for themselves, but for once it’s not Yuno who can do anything. Yuno gets caught by Fourth and the only way to save her would be for Yuki to be able to shoot Fourth while missing Yuno. He reads his diary and realizes he’ll never be able to save her and will only shoot her, but Yuno says that’s alright.

But Yuki decides he is not alright with this! He declares that he will be strong because…he loves Yuno! He succesfully shoots Fourth! Despite getting out of his reach Yuno is still in danger as he declares he can’t die and still tries to kill her. WOAH YUNO IS FREAKED OUT FOR ONCE? Fortunately for Yuno, Nishijimi and Ninth arrive and stop him from hurting her.

Fourth realizes the game is over and breaks his phone, saying he’ll give his life if Ninth will accept his request to protect his son. She agrees.

Incidentally, let’s have a clap for Fourth who just had the MOST GRACEFUL DEATH YET IN THIS SERIES! Seriously. Way to be a man. MULAN WOULD BE PROUD.




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