Brave 10 Episode 8 – Pirates, Ahoy!

We are, we are, on a cruise~ Wait, wrong show.


Date Masamune gives chase to Sanada Yukimura and company. All the routes on land are blocked, so that leaves a timely rescue by Kakei and the last member of Sanada Braves.


The high point: the Sanada Braves are assembled, and are ready to take on whoever else is trying to make off with Isanami. The low point: they’re being chased AGAIN.

To say the least, this show is getting boring once more. The headpiece and its wearer are thrown around like a sack of potatoes, I mean she she’s not useless and weak are on the sidelines once again as multiple characters run around I can’t even keep track of their names anymore trying to protect her from being carried off. This is largely successful; since, well, Isanami hasn’t been kidnapped in two episodes, new a record.

The highlight of the episode is when Date corners everyone by the shore, and the Sanada Braves don’t have their ice queen Anastasia for back-up. Just when things are looking dire for the heroes, Kakei shows up with the heavy artillery, AKA the pirate king Nezu Shinpachi. The only saving grace about this “slow” episode was the introduction of Shinpachi. He seems to be able to handle the general stupidity that the rest of the gang gets into collectively. He’s pretty laid back, except when it comes to his ship. His motive? To be free to do as he pleases. After a drinking challenge, Yukimura manages to impress him enough to join in on their trek to Ueda.

Yuri was pretty funny drunk, ahahaha. XD She He was alllllll over Saizou the entire time, and good thing Isanami was too buzzed to care. :P Saizou can’t drink because he’s a ninja apparently. BIG HINTS on next episode, especially around Anastasia. Totally an AnastasiaxSasuke fan~

Overall: really boring, too many characters to keep track of. Sigh.



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