Area no Kishi Ep 7: The King and his Knights

The match between FC and SC continues and the King has finally arrived! Araki joins the game and turns it around by scoring a goal within the minute he had stepped onto the field making it 2-3. Later, he and Kakeru blasts shots non-stop from the middle, causing the defence and the goalie to become very unsettled- after finally drawing them into their play, Kakeru ties the game! As FC continues to pressure SC, Oda finally speaks up and tells his team that they can’t continue their Coach’s plays and that he’ll do every in his power in order to win!


Had me jumping out of my seat ecstatically shouting, “YEAHHH!!!”

Oh man this is so much fun to watch, it continues to be so nostalgic for me, I just want to run outside and start playing with the soccer ball… except there’s still know on the the ground so that’d be a bit difficult. Looking forward to spring, the sooner I could get back onto the field the better! It’s really energizing you know? My god, I think this is foreshadowing what’s to come when I try covering Kuroko no Basket– you’re never to hear the end of it.

Lets talk about Araki:

I was stunned to see that in the end, it wasn’t props or anything- and Araki, in only ten days got himself back in shape for the game. Yeah… You know what, I’m not even going to think any further about it- he’s back in formidable shape, end of story.

He without a doubt, a King on the field- for now at least. He directs and organizes the team very well and puts his observations from the bleachers to use by pointing out the flaws they’ve been making. He definitely won’t have that advantage every game, but it’s certainly helpful to have someone who has seen the alternative view giving the orders.

This game will either end as a draw or this will probably be the FC’s winning goal. I would honestly be surprised if some members on the SC team such as Oda Ryouma weren’t to join the FC’s team. He’s a strong player, and is desperate enough to compete by disobeying his coach’s orders.

Which brings me to the next best part about the episode. When Ryouma announced that they can’t continue making the same mistakes over and over again and think for themselves, I was proud of them making that choice.

While it’s important to follow a strategy made by the coach (or else you’ll never hear the end of it or even worse, get kicked from the team), sometimes- especially in this scenario: You have to think for yourself. You need to recognize yours and the team’s mistakes and find a way to counter your opponent’s strategy. In this case, for FC- there aren’t any explicit plays. It’s mostly organized and judged how to handle or when to use it during the event and adapt to the changes. It’s also helpful in a sense the opponent, as Ryouma said, happens in a blink of an eye and catches you off guard- that is, as long as the play is done correctly (which requires trust in your team-mates so that you know you can depend on them).

Overall this was another amazing episode! This is what I really needed and I regret NOTHING of blogging this. I’m looking forward to more matches in the future and seeing the team and the players evolve. Oh what am I saying, the FC haven’t even won yet- oh well! I’m rooting for them! GO FC GO!


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