Another Ep 8: Vacation of Death

Fifteen years ago, the curse of class three was ceased mid-year during the summer. That class went on a trip for their summer vacation and the curse was uplifted and the calamity stopped. This years class three tries to re-enact this same turn of events by going on their own trip over summer break.

Synopsis: The class goes on a trip for summer vacation in attempts to defeat the curse. Even the two previously non-existent students, Sakakibara and Misaki are invited on the trip. There’s lots of fun and games going on at the beach by the hotel until the curse strikes again…

Impression: The crew shows up at Sakakibara’s house to drive to the hotel they’ll be staying at for a while. Everyone is tense in the car ride there until they pass into the next town safely with no “accidents” happening. I have to say, I got a bit nervous when they passed the 18-wheeler on the highway, as I have a great deal of anxiety while I drive (and a lot of other things as well…).

A sigh of relief after leaving Yomiyama

So, like I said, it’s all fun and games at the beach for the majority of this episode. Playing in the water, making sandcastles, a fishing competition, a cookout on the beach, and so on. Not too horror-like, I must admit.

Nothing really interesting or mysterious happens until Reiko’s old classmate comes down to the beach to find her. She called him because she thought he’d have some information on how he stopped the curse fifteen years ago. Unfortunately, just like Reiko, he can’t recall how they were able to impede the curse all those years ago. He does, however recall a message that he left in the classroom at school about…well, that’s not too clear. Maybe it’s about how they stopped the curse, wouldn’t that be a treat.

The group is planning on going to the shrine in hopes of some supernatural beings helping them in their time of need, but unfortunately for the class, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Now that Reiko’s friend said that there’s a message in the classroom, I don’t think this trip will do them any good in terms of stopping the curse. I think that message is the answer. Or maybe it’s a fluke. Either way, the curse won’t stop when they go to the shrine in my opinion.

Nakao, dead in the water

And then comes the ending. Without a death yet, of course the last two minutes holds a nice surprise for us horror lovers. A sudden gust of wind blows and the group’s beach ball is blown far into the ocean. Nakao, the classmate who got carsick at the beginning of the episode, goes out into the water to retrieve it. Everyone is tense about it, and everything looks okay when he waves back to them. Then, out of nowhere, a motorboat drives by, coincidently right over Nakao. His arm is chopped off and I’m sure he suffered many more injuries, and he is proclaimed dead when his lifeless body is seen floating on the water in pieces.

For the most part, this episode was a bit of a change in beat for this series. No creepy shops or dolls or people. Despite this, there was a death and there are still some mysteries to be solved, so the show still keeps it’s name.

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