Another Ep 7: Some Actual Horror for Once?

As  expected, the teacher of the class offs himself in front of the entire class. This was the only gory scene this week, but I think it was pretty well done.

Synopsis: The teacher of class 3 brutally stabs himself with a knife he pulled out of his bag, then we find out that he also killed his mother (whom he lived with) the day before. Misaki and Sakakibara visit the librarian after this event to ask about how the curse was stopped mid-year 15 years ago. They find out that the class took a trip to the shrine, and that may be what stopped the curse. Thus, a trip to the same shrine is organized for class 3. We find out a lot more in this episode-most importantly that Sakakibara is not the one who is dead…at least that’s what Misaki tells him.

Impression: Misaki also says that it looks like having two non-existent people in the class failed, obviously, because of the death of the teacher and his mother. Izumi has quite a bigger role in this episode than previous ones-she tells Sakakibara to be careful because everyone is going to be blaming him for the teacher’s death. Later on, they have coffee together, along with a couple of other students and discover that one of the regulars at the eatery they’re at was a student of class 3 a while back. Their mission now is to seek him out and try to get some answers from him. During this scene, Izumi also says something that I think has a good possibility to it-that Sakakibara was never born at all…Between Misaki’s theories and Izumi’s theories, I don’t really know who to believe yet.

I found it odd how this conversation between classmates was so nonchalant

When Sakakibara and Misaki go to talk to the librarian, he says that the visit to the shrine stopped the curse in the beginning of August. He also says that, in other years, students have attempted this same tactic to defeat the curse with no results. The teacher of class 3 organizes a trip to the shrine, in hopes that this year, it will work again just as it did 15 years ago. Who knows if it actually will? Personally, I don’t think it will.

In a bit of an unrelated scene, Sakakibara has a nightmare about class 3. All of the students are there, and their faces are warping and/or melting off. Quite frightening if you ask me. Misaki is in the dream as well and tells him to his face that he is the one who is dead. Contradictory to this, Misaki in the real world tells Sakakibara that he’s definitely not the one who is dead. Hmm. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that one.

The students in Sakakibara's creepy dream

Misaki tells Sakakibara that she’s going on a trip out of town with her family for the week, and gives him her cell phone number. She asks for him to call her if he ends up finding the picture of his mother when she was in class 3. Why she’s so interested in this, I do not know. Will anyone die while Misaki gone? If not, this will answer some questions and prove some things about the curse.

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