Another Ep 6: Bonding

Although this episode lacked in the gore department, we find out a lot of things about the curse and the charm to get rid of it. “Find out” might not be the right way to put it…I still don’t know who to trust in this show. Misaki and Sakakibara also spend a lot of cute bonding time together. 

Synopsis: The question of “who is dead” still remains in this episode. The two main suspects, Misaki and Sakakibara, spend a lot of time together, talking with one another and learning about each other and the curse itself. They also have a long conversation with the librarian about the curse, who gives out some good information.

Impression: At the beginning of the episode, Misaki is seemingly talking to the teacher, or to the class, and I’m pretty sure she’s sitting in Sakakibara’s seat. What does this mean? Is she really not being treated as she doesn’t exist? The beginning scene confused the heck out of me.

Moving on, there’s hardly any action throughout this episode, just tons of discussion about the curse and whatnot. They talk to Misaki’s mother (who we find out treats her like a doll, how sad); they talk to each other about it, the librarian, and Sakakibara talks to his grieving grandparents about it. Like I said before, I really don’t know who to trust in this show. The librarian seems really sketchy to me, and he has so much knowledge of the past that I don’t know whether or not to believe what he says. The same with Misaki; if she’s really the dead one, of course she would lie to try to cover it up.

As for Sakakibara and Misaki Mei’s relationship, they spend tons of time together, shown in small snip-its during the episode. I really hope neither of them are dead…or they’re both dead…and can be happily together as a couple. They’re just too cute.  In class one day, Sakakibara is dozing off and daydreams about dancing with Misaki (as seen in the top picture). How adorable! I think he’s in love.

"I think your eye is beautiful"


During their time together, Misaki says something that I really enjoyed, myself being a pessimist, so I’ll quote it here: “No matter how many relationships we seem to have, we’re all alone.” She was comparing being alive to being dead (or non-existent) and how everyone is alone. It seems to me that it’s very likely that she is dead from this one quote because how else would she know what it’s like to be both alive and dead? Maybe just because she’s being treated as she doesn’t exist in class, or maybe because she’s actually dead.

After class one day, the two go into the art room together, since it’s Misaki’s hobby. Not long after they enter, a boy from their class rushes in and tells everyone that they need to have an important meeting. Most likely to tell everyone that the two are both being shunned from existence due to the curse.

In another scene, the two main characters are speaking with the librarian who was a teacher at the school 26 years ago. He says that the person who started the curse was a boy named Misaki Yomiyama (coincidentally, the name of the town) who died in a house fire. In yet another scene, Sakakibara is talking to the girl he lives with and she says that the curse somehow stopped mid-year. She tells him that something happened during summer break which relinquished the curse, which is quite interesting. I wonder if they’ll be able to get it to stop this year, as well.

The teacher gone crazy. I love the fish-eye effect here.

The very end of the episode ends in a cliff-hanger, with the teacher pulling a knife from his bag. He says some things that foreshadow him killing himself in the next episode. How excitingly morbid.

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  1. CosmicPanda says:

    Good review. I think the scene in the beginning of the episode was a flash back to the first day of school before Sakakibara arrived (remember he was at the hospital) and they were asking her to be the “forever alone” for the year…

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