Another Ep 5: Who is Dead?

So, who really is the dead one in this show? At first we all, obviously, thought it was Misaki. But now it’s come to be a question, thanks to this episode of Another. Some things that Misaki says to Sakakibara make you wonder: Who is dead?

Synopsis: Another episode and another death. This time, it’s a boy from class 3 named Takabayashi, who drops dead while walking home with Sakakibara. The next day, no one talks to Sakakibara, almost as if they’re trying to pretend he’s not really there. He meets with Misaki after school to have some of his questions answered.

Impression: Takabayashi is trying to help out our main character when he says that he’ll answer all of his questions pertaining to the curse of class 3 and the girl Misaki who died 26 years ago. Just as he goes to answer Sakakibara’s first question, he drops dead of a heart attack. Of course the curse won’t let him answer any questions, that would just be silly.

An image showing how invisible Misaki is to the rest of the class.

Sakakibara is ruthlessly ignored the next day, and he gets pretty confused about that. Talk about a thick character. Doesn’t he understand that everyone associates him with the curse yet? Doesn’t he realize that the deaths are all concerning him, seemingly revolving around him? His naivety ticks me off. Anyway, everyone is ignoring him and he beings to feel like he doesn’t exist. Just like a certain someone else he knows.

Sakakibara asks one of his classmates to get the class roster for him, since he never received one at the beginning of the term. When he gets it, he realizes that Misaki Mei’s name is crossed out in red ink. Because of this, Sakakibara goes to the doll shop where we find out, finally, it’s where Misaki lives. (Even she is surprised to find out that he didn’t figure that out yet).

Misaki invites him upstairs and tells him that she will answer any questions he has. Of course, she doesn’t die like Takabayashi did when he tries to talk about the curse. (Because the curse is due to Misaki, ahem). Anyway, this results in quite the interesting conversation. To sum it up, the curse started the term after Misaki died 26 years ago. From then on, whenever there was one too many people in the class, the curse would start, killing off people, one each month. To deter this from happening, the students of class 3 in the ninth grade always choose one student to ignore–to deny the existence of–each year.

Apparently Sakakibara's conversation with Misaki was being monitored.

At first, we all think “Oh, Misaki, of course. She’s been ignored since the beginning of the show!” Then Misaki tries to make us (and Sakakibara) believe that he is possibly the one being ignored this time. People wouldn’t answer him that day in school, would look right past him, got up when he tried to talk to them, and so on. It sure seems to me like they’re trying to pretend he doesn’t exist. But if that’s so, then what about Misaki? They’re acting as if she doesn’t exist as well, right? Is she just screwing around with him, trying to make him believe that he’s being shunned?

Oh, and one more thing that Misaki says: the extra person in the class is dead. I sense a possible plot twist coming on.

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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    I expect a lot of twist in this show XD
    Also I feel like that’s the TV, unless your just quoting the picture ^^

  2. Vantage says:

    I don’t think the mass blanking of Sakakibara would help anything. If Sakakibara proved Misaki’s existence, then yes they’re back to one extra person, and the class starts blanking him to even it out.

    But all this time Misaki’s been talking to Sakaki and proving his existence – doesn’t this mean nothing’s changed, and the deaths will still occur?

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