Rinne no Lagrange Ep 4: Alien Rivalry

Finally, our third main character in this series is properly introduced, hooray! I was waiting for a while to see what her personality was like. Synopsis: No fighting scenes in this episode, but that’s perfectly alright with me. It was still a great episode in my opinion. Muginami transfers to the school that Madoka attends and it’s obvious from the start that she, too, is an alien. Thus, a competition between the two non-human lifeforms arises.

Impression: Muginami transfers to Madoka’s school and they almost instantly become friends. From the first time she lays eyes on her, Muginami remembers Madoka and her name perfectly. She is also deemed the second member of the Jersey Club.

Lan watching out for Madoka


With all of this new friendship arising, Lan is steaming with jealousy. Lan has been very protective of Madoka from the start, and she continues to be just as protective. She keeps an eye on Madoka at all times, which is how she notices that she and Muginami have instantly become great friends. For Lan, this is a problem. Is it just from pure jealousy, or is Muginami a dangerous alien and scheming something behind Madoka’s back? Are they from rival planets? There are so many ideas as to why Lan is so competitive with Mugunami, we’re just going to have to wait and find out.

One of the possibilities is that they’re rivals. This is demonstrated from when the “Open Water Swimming Competition” is taking place. Muginami uses her super-powered alien goggles to find out just who exactly Lan is, and when she realizes that she is not only an alien but a princess, she flips over Lan’s raft. This is confusing because Madoka goes to save Lan but can’t do it herself. Thus, Muginami aids in bringing Lan to saftey. Is this only to win the friendship of Madoka (moreso than Lan)? Maybe so.

Muginami checking Lan out with her alien-goggle things


Also, Muginami seems to be the perfect alien. She does everything perfectly, starting with swimming. She keeps up with Madoka who is, apparently, an expert swimmer. She also waits on tables at Madoka’s uncle’s restaurant with ease, as if she’s done it before. She brings in customers do to her “hot” appearance and giant boobs. This is where it gets competitive. Lan states that she is going to learn to swim. She also tries to help out with waiting tables, which goes rather badly because turns out to be clumsy as hell. Oddly enough, this also wins the hearts of customers and brings in more people (guys) to the restaurant.

This all leads to Madoka’s uncle asking them to work at his eatery part-time. And also invites them to stay. I guess I found this pretty odd–a man inviting two almost complete strangers to stay in a house with him? I don’t know about that.

I found that Madoka wasn’t her perfect, overly-optimistic self this episode. Instead, it was Muginami who was the perfect one. As I’ve said before, I hate characters who excel at everything, but Muginami displaying this trait isn’t as bad. Lan, on the other hand, seems that she can’t do anything right. She’s the polar opposite of her alien enemy (?). She even says at one point “I’m terrible at everything” Poor Lan. You’re still the hottest alien chick in my book, at least.

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