Naruto Shippuden Episode 245: Undoing the Seal



Naruto finally realizes how to beat his dark self, and accepts it as a part of him, removing all hatred in his heart. Along with Yamato, he then follows Killer Bee past the waterfall and into a sacred area with many Bijuu carvings; a place where Jinchuuriki are able to communicate with their Bijuu. Deep in a misty area of the temple, Bee tells Naruto to rip off the seal and open the Kyuubi’s cage, as if he manages to pull away the Kyuubi’s chakra, that power will be his.



It’s all down to this, then. As with pretty much every other boss fight, you lose, you die, and this one’s no different. But seeing Kyuubi again in his full glory is pretty nostalgic – remember all that time ago, when Studio Pierrot was too lazy to think up a proper design so he was just a mass of orange bubbles with teeth? And back when Naruto was all scared of him and they had this mutual hatred of each other? It’s pretty much reversed now, with Naruto taking the initiative to start the encounter. That Tetragram seal slowly unlocking was pretty cool by the way, though there wasn’t any typical shounen chakra spike. Lots of growling though (:

The whole idea of accepting your dark self makes sense as a first step before trying to grab hold of your Bijuu’s chakra, since Kyuubi noticed immediately when Dark Naruto wasn’t a separate entity anymore. And since Kyuubi is just a mass of hate chakra, darkness in Naruto’s heart would make it far easier to pull out his chakra and kill him. It makes me wonder what the situation was like with Bee – I don’t think the Hachibi was that ominous before Bee changed him, nor can I imagine Bee having a dark side at all o.O

Hugging Dark Naruto to get rid of him seemed kinda anti-climatic, but I guess that’s to be expected given that he let the Kyuubi out of his cage in the same episode. He already seemed so uncertain of himself when Naruto turned up for the second time – he is him after all.  Clearly, it’s not just hatred in Dark Naruto but sadness and loneliness as well, since I think he was even crying at one point. He’d never admit it though xD

Okay, back to the cool Kyuubi shots. RAAAAWWWRRRRR.

Remember this, from the Four-Tails vs Orochimaru battle?

I remember this one clearly from the manga. God I love this show’s canon content.

That Rasengan is MASSIVE. In proportion, hundreds of Naruto-sized people would fit into that Rasengan, which is only slightly bigger than Kyuubi’s head. Where was all this when he was fighting against Nagato or Sasuke? Granted, Sasuke wouldn’t have let him go Sage Mode easily.

Next week, the epicness continues! I always like to comment on what the preview shows us, and it seems that he’ll get some form of Kyuubi chakra only to remember that as a mass of living hatred, Kyuubi chakra would be pure hatred too. And in that dreamy landscape, VERY coincidentally similar to the state in which he met the Yondaime, he meets a woman with red hair. Hmm, now who on Earth could that be? OHOHOHOHOHO~


I love cute things.

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  1. Eva says:


    ASJDHASd I can’t wait for the next episode! I can’t believe how deep Kyuubi’s voice is!

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