Mirai Nikki [future diary] (ep 5): rape rape more rape and did i mention rape

Today Twelfth is on a mission to kill Tsubaki, sixth, and Yuki and Yuno are caught in between as Yuki refuses to let Tsubaki die.

Oh and well…you know the siteation with Yuno by now.

warning there is rape in this episode. It may trigger you. Also, I rant alot about the rape victims later actions and if that will offend you, skip this review.

This episode of Future Diary features Yuno kicking ass. A lot of ass. More specifically we have Twelfth appear and declare he wants Tsubaki only and will allow Yuno and Yuki to leave if do not get in the way.

Tsubaki’s followers are no longer hypnotized so she insists that Yuki stay. Yuno disagrees, Yuki doesn’t think he should leave Tsubaki, so Yuno is forced to take down 12 by herself. Which she does. Beautifully.

Buuuut then it turns out that Sixth is evil. Surprise. She had every desire to become God and used Ninth as bait, not knowing the man she sent to capture Ninth was another diary holder. She hates everything in fact. Her entire cult was a lie from the beginning, and when her parents died one day the cult turned her into their sex object. The only thing she ever loved, her mother’s hand ball, was lost to her one day. And the raping continued. The abuse caused her to lose her innocence and OH REALLY COME ON. Freudian excuse much? I’d be scarred for life too but I lose all pity and understanding when Yuno cuts off her arm to save Yuki so she retaliates BY TELLING HER CULTISTS TO RAPE YUNO IN THE SAME WAY SHE WAS. Bitch. You know Yuno may be a psycho but you don’t get to use I WAS RAPED as a story for pity WHEN YOU COMMAND YOUR CULTISTS TO THEN DO THE SAME. Jesus.

Like seriously. I was all, OH WOW. It sucks to be you Sixth, I’m sorry that happened. Then she was like AND THAT’S WHY I’M EVIL. Okay being jaded is one thing. DOING EXACTLY WHAT WAS DONE TO YOU TO SOMEONE ELSE IS NOT BEING JADED. THAT’S JUST BEING A DICK. Seriously. Ugh..

Seriously. I liked Sixth. I was even cool with her being evil. But it’s a survival game, not a OH LETS RAPE PEOPLE GAME. She even said OH I DIDNT THINK HE’D REALLY COME. So she was just doing it TO BE CRUEL. Ho skank. UGH. Anyway enough with me being angry at fictional characters, so Yuki comes to save Yuno when Tsubaki announces she’s going to have Yuno raped, but not before finding the same handball that Tsubaki had lost. He throws it in the air to distract all of her servants so that she cant foresee how he will try to kill her and defend, and then he throws a dart at her diary. She dies musing on why the handball had to appear now of all times. Which is a little sad. Sucks you were abused….just didn’t mean you had to do it to others. But who am I kidding, my favorite character is a psycho! (or alternatively, a TERRORIST psycho) In a show where people kill each other. So uh..yeah. xD

And on the side, Ninth escapes thanks to the key that Twelfth gave her before he left in the beginning. But she’s caught by Fourth, who agrees to let her go on the condition that she give him her email address. She agrees and the episode ends with Yuki and Yuno returned to safety.

Stay tuned for more Future Diary…and more Ninth. Who is kickass.




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