Mirai Nikki [future diary] (ep 4): an anomaly called OH GOD SHE HAS ISSUES

I think at this point it might be redundant to call Yuno crazy. Let’s just call her sanity impaired.

Yuki begs to differ

So this episode starts with Fourth picking up Yuki and Yuno. He’s all, well oh shit it seems that Ninth has been captured by a cult known as the Sacred Eye. So they’re like, oh damn. Guess we gotta go get Ninth. So they’re all, okay, lets go to a cult! So they get let into the cult under supervision and, surprise, the leader is a diary holder.

On a side note however Yuki is mulling over the fact that his sanity impaired companion has dead bodies in her house. And then wonders, wtf am I doing and why is this insane chick having to protect me? And then goes on an annoying useless wah fest the whole episode but I’m really not going to discuss that for the most part.

hey der yuki lets have kawaii desu sexness yesu

So basically Sixth is all, yeah I want you to stop me from dying. I’m an oracle and I don’t really want to become God. And Yuki’s all, hey that’s cool with me. I’m alright with saving people and stuff! But Yuno does not care for Sixth. Especially when Sixth shit talks her and this makes Yuno go crazy with paranoia. Like…insane…r……it’s bad. She even decides she has to kill Sixth to stop her from fucking everything up. But not before a giant fire breaks out and the followers start trying to kill each other. Yuki goes to help Sixth but Yuno doesn’t want him to. He manages to get out of her crazy person grip just in time for Fourth to have turned the sprinklers on and conveniently be separated from Yuno and Yuki while the crazy goes down.

Meanwhile under the main part of the facility Ninth is being held captive and the man watching her starts talking oddly…and it becomes painfully obvious he is a Diary holder. He explains he wants Sixth dead and proceeds to be really dumb and annoying…but in a weird sort of endearing way. He is certain his plan to kill Sixth will work but ninth laughs and says there is an anomaly he needs to take into account.

And what is that anomaly folks?

Gasai Yuno is fucking insane and will kill you if you touch her Yuki.

Stay tuned for next episode when Yuno fucks up everyone’s shit!




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