Mirai Nikki [future diary] ep 10: cutesy moe weddingu ninth sexy episode with significantly less death

This episode features a flashback with Ninth and a faux wedding for Yuno and Yuki.

hooray! boobies!

It’s an understatement to say this episode is a trap. Half of it is Ninth and showing her weird relationship with one of the police officers, which is cute, and the other half is Future Diary’s favorite habit of showing us that something fucked up must have happened to Yuno because behind the insane is a sweet girl. But the insane is thick man. It’s real thick. In the manga the art is pretty bad so Yuno isn’t very attractive, and thus all you got was insane bitch. Now she is cute and I am finally seeing why Yuki is so fucking confused. SAVES MY LIFE. INSANE AND POSSESSIVE. TRULY CARES FOR ME. KILLED PEOPLE. ALWAYS PROTECTS ME. TRIES TO KILL MY FRIENDS. YUNO IS SO CONFUSING. I am ashamed to admit it but despite that she is my favorite LMAO.

hey I ship it

See, Ninth had fucked up shit happen and then became only slightly insane in the mass murder way. Yuno’s a special MY HEAD HAS TURNED TO DARKNESS BLAGGGH. Like, super special fucked up. OKAY GUYS I CAN’T PRETEND I KNOW WHY SHE IS FUCKED UP AND IT JUST ADDS TO MY INABILITY TO DECIDE ABOUT YUNO. Even though she is insane. YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA. But for now lets just enjoy the moe cuteness.

I don’t really want to talk about Ninth’s story a lot because it’s pretty simple and beyond how cute it is, it’s kind of boring. Basically she got into a fight with Third before Yuki did and was essentially only not killed thanks to police officer dude. So lets cut to Yuki and Yuno. Yuki gets a text from Akise saying he wants to see a movie, but it turns out he set him up with a fake marriage ceremony with Yuno, who he also texted. Yuki is not happy about how seriously Yuno is taking his confession but decides to let her have her fun because she is being extremely sincere and nice.

i would also attend a fake marriage for delicious foods, and i actually love my not insane boyfriend

During the fake ceremony he realizes the only reason he can’t fall for Yuno is that he saw those bodies, and perhaps if he tries to put it behind him it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to care about Yuno, since she’s very sincere and does care about him. Even though he knows she’s a little cray cray.

He even goes through with the fake ceremony when she offers to end it at the photo opportunity, thus making her extremely happy. Oh by the way guys, you see this?

if you forget it now, soon it will be BURNED INTO YOUR SOUL

The episode nears the end and it turns out Akise wanted to investigate Yuno’s house, and Yuki fears he saw the bodies. It turns out Yuno dug a huge hole that completely destroyed that room. Yuki wonders what’s going on, and the episode ends on the note that Fourth has accused Yuno and Yuki of murdering the very same man he killed and they must be brought into custody!





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