Inu x Boki SS Ep 3: Ririchiyo’s Backstory

Ririchiyo witnesses Soushi kissing a woman who he claimed had rejected her and agreed to kiss her so that she will never bother him again. Ririchiyo finds herself frighten by the fact Soushi too express empty feelings and whether he’ll be like the others that she was surrounded by in her childhood.


This was a much stronger episode where as I was able to enjoy it from start to finish without any complaints. It was bittersweet and delivered the backstory on why Ririchiyo prefers being alone and doesn’t trust anyone.

I don’t blame Ririchiyo one bit. In fact, I feel for her and can relate to being surrounded by people who are wearing ‘masks’ with a fake expression and never given her the love and affection that she has always longed for, and after being stuck in that environment for so long you’re far more careful about who you open up to and trusting that they’ll watch your back- or you can see right through them. It was upsetting to see her parents, who never spent time with her not give her just as much love as they do for her sister. It’s no wonder that she became jealous. She wasn’t happy, she was isolated, and desired warmth. To be honest, while Ririchiyo dislikes the way she defends herself/behaves to the public, I actually approve her responses such as how she reacted to the two boys, because one way or another- even if she ignored them, they probably wouldn’t stop being dicks anyways.

I also thrilled to see that Soushi not once went on with his exaggerated praises and the one time he did was actually cute and funny how he backed up her text message so that even if she were to get her hands on his phone to delete it, he’d still have it. In short, his behaviour was far more tolerable and his character appealed to me more.

We received a brief hint of why Soushi believes his flithy. It looks as if perhaps he was a slave used for pleasure sakes or something along the lines. I’m assuming that this is was Ririchiyo saved him from or something. We still don’t know how the two met, or rather how Soushi knows Ririchiyo in the first place, so I’ll be looking forward to that development in the future.

This week had a new ED, and I must say: It’s FAR more appealing than that err pedo-vibe ED from last week’s episode. Next week we’ll be seeing a new character, a boy who is also a resident at the mansion!

Extra Note: When I first started reading Inu x Boku SS, there were very few chapters out so the following episode is something completely new to me. I suppose this is actually for the better because this way I don’t have much to complain about in comparison to the adaptions like I am currently ranting about in my Area no Kishi entries. I’ll be looking forward to it!



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