Brave 10 Ep 4: Bittersweet Return

Isanami and company arrive back at Izumo. They investigate the ruins, and despite Isanami’s best efforts to stay strong, she cracks and Saizou has to comfort her in his own gruff way. They discover a hidden passageway in the shrine, where Hanzo and Snake Lady ambush them.

Kakei almost has his virtue taken away (;D), and they’re all saved by Yuri’s masochistic tendencies.

Post-fight eye-candy. Rawr~


It really picks up the pace, and there’s a lot more interesting action- you can see the character relationships starting to build, which I love. Isanami, which in the previous episode irked me, was a really sympathetic character this time around, and the return to Izumo really drove home what each character is feeling.

The total “squee” moment came when Yuri came to their rescue in the passageway to hell. The fact that he fights for no reason other than the pain, it brings make him totally different from the rest of the cast, maybe even gives him a bit more depth that most of the other characters so far in the story. When Saizou offered to “play with” Yuri until he cries afterwards *FANGIRL IMAGINATION HONED BY YEARS OF DOUJIN GOES HAYWIRE* for the sake of working together do defeat Hanzo, it goes to show how much of an important character Saizou is, and will be. Isanami is the common denominator for the all the sides gathering to fight each other, but the reason they stay is because of Saizou.

So, after the battle, the team bonds over bandages until Date Masamune (yes, the Date Masamune, one eye-patch and all, can’t say I agree with the long white hair, but whatever- it’s not like Sengoku Basara or Sengoku Paradise Kiwami are any more accurate on history) crashes their camp and kidnaps Isanami.


I don’t mind it as much anymore, because the formula is still enjoyable- a little team-building, a big fight scene, Isanami being kidnapped by the person that will most likely be the newest member of their troupe. Saizou, besides being strong, he also picks up on what each new person needs; whether it’s a offer for a “play session” (HEHEHE) sometime, or a handkerchief to cry into. Which is rather curious, because he did seem like the lone-wolf type at the beginning of the show, but is showing that he might have been a strong leader at one point in the past.

There hangs the other big question: why would the Head Priest entrust the Kushimitama hair pin to Isanami at such a young age, and not tell her what is does and what it’s significance is? It’s a heavy burden, but it’s even more confusing for her because she’s doesn’t know how it fits into everyone’s plans. The various factions has figured out that what everyone is after is the killer head pin’s power, but not Isanami. How does that explain how Isanami can access knowledge that only she can see? Does it mean whoever wears it has the power, or is there a specific reason Isanami was chosen to wear it?

Overall: I really liked how it turned out, that there’s more development between Saizou and Isanami, in terms of emotional bonds. Despite that Isanami appears weak, it’s most likely because all the other characters are obnoxiously strong, or just plain crazy. I’m over the “I’m bored” funk from last episode, and I’m really looking forward to next week. What new bishonen will appear? The formula continues~


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  1. TheJester says:

    Definitely one of the better episodes and it is heading in the right direction. Seems like it will be pretty repetitive though. Still the fight scenes and little things here and there are worth watching.

    I have to admit, I kind of laughed when Masamune yoinked Isanami. That’s called opportunity!

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