Brave 10 Ep 3: What’s for Dinner, Ms. Kidnapper?

Saizou was able to prevent Ieyasu from taking Isanami, and Yukimura assigns Isanami and Saizo another team member on their trip to investigate Izumo. Isanami is tied to a tree in this episode, and Saizou saves her (again). No activation of killer hairpiece, a new antagonist begs for death, and a big fight in the future is alluded to.

Kidnapped again…what’s for dinner?


Remember back when I had the impression that Isanami could hold her own? I take it back. Saizou goes back to being the all-mighty protector, and this time, we get some cross-dressing for some good measure. As the gang travels to Izumo to continue with their mission to protect Izanami, they gain a new member, Kakei Juuzou, a.k.a. the dude with the gun.

At the base of a high bridge, they encounter an injured woman, and Isanami, as usual, falls for the ploy and volun-tells Saizou to help her down to the bottom of the cliff. And it turns out, it’s actually some girly-guy name Yuri Kamazuke, pretending to be an injured woman.

The crowning touch is that he’s not interested in her at all – other than she has a pretty hairpiece. I mean, seriously, he stands in the middle of a bridge, holding a helpless woman hostage while her protector is caught pretty tight in a trap, and he points out the jewellery, and makes a point to mention that he’s leaving Izanami to the men to do whatever they wanted. *insert leering men closing in on Isanami.* Feh, bring it on.

I know that topic of rape, and potential rape isn’t something to be taken lightly, but this anime just made it seem so offhand, it was weird. I mean, I suppose it’s for creating sympathy for the heroine, that’s she in real danger because her virtue is in danger (oh noes! the pure shrine maiden!), but this was really awkward for the studio to add in.

Anyways, it was a damn boring episode, just for the sake that I really really annoyed how Isanami has gone from cute, slightly strong heroine to sack-of-potatoes that only cares about clinging to Saizou (travel=eat, sleep and breath Saizou, a total love-love vacation and not an escape from assassins, oh boy!).

The darkness in Saizou’s past is revealed, and it’s going to fall into a cliché if they don’t change the story soon, because so far the formula is repeating itself. The fighting was iffy, Saizou is revealed to be your typical emo traveling swordsman with a past full of blood. Blah blah blah, boring.

I am so very, very disappointed. I really did expect that this was a total show for bishonen kicks, but this is beyond bad. At least the bishonen are hot, and the fighting is decent, but the eye-candy is alright, but that shiny-meter lasts a few minutes before Isanami’s newest stupid move make me pray for something, anything that will put someone else in the spotlight.


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2 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    I decided to look at the manga and I was shocked at the significant difference between the Anime Adaption and the Manga itself.
    You wouldn’t believe it. They censored aka cut out so much of it- it’s insane.
    In the manga there’s plenty of sexual harassment, attempt-rapes, and of course- LOTS of nudity. X_________X;;;;

  2. Myst says:

    I actually enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Then again, I haven’t watched many samurai shows, so to me this is just fun (and very pretty) to watch, despite the corny storyline.

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