Another Episode 2: Cursed Class 3

Well, after a rather disappointing second episode of Rinne no Lagrange, I have to say that this one wasn’t nearly as disappointing. The plot developed and the show is still as creepy as it was in the first episode. We don’t learn too much more about any of the characters yet, but I’m sure the characters roles and pasts will develop over the next ten episodes of the series.

Synopsis: Sakakibara does some more snooping around in the interest of finding out more about Misaki, the dead girl. He’s finally beginning to realize that she’s, well, dead.

Review: The beginning of the episode starts out with Misaki and Sakakibara standing outside together, and she asks him, “Are you okay with this?” What a great hook to keep viewers interested in the rest of the episode. As we have no idea what she’s referring to, of course it’s a great way to start and episode and keep people watching. Unfortunately, the next scene is not a continuation of the conversation between the two, but instead changes to a school setting.

Sakakibara and his classmates are in school, in an art class. The teacher is awfully mean and criticizes the students work to no end. After he gets out of class, Sakakibara notices Misaki in a room all alone, drawing. The picture she’s drawing is shown this time, unlike in the last episode where she hid her drawings. It was a simple sketch of a girl, and she tells Sakakibara that she’s going to add giant wings to the girl when she’s finished. Like an angel, perhaps. In this same scene, he asks her about her eye patch, yet receives no answer.

That night, Sakakibara goes back to the hospital that he was discharged from–and also where he first met Misaki. He has a

As Sakakibara is leaving the hospital, the nurse says this to him.

conversation with the nurse there and asks her if she knows about Misaki. The nurse says she doesn’t, but agrees to finding out more information for him. Later on, he gets a phone call from the nurse confirming that, indeed, a girl named Misaki in junior high did die. She doesn’t say when or how, the line gets disconnected before the conversation is finished, but at least Sakakibara is informed about that much so far.

At this point, he is standing in front of a shop. But not just any shop, it’s undoubtedly the shop where the snap-shots of the mannequins came from in the first episode. I’m glad about this, because I was hoping that these images would have some kind of meaning behind them. And in fact, they do.

He goes into the shop and the atmosphere is overwhelmingly eerie. The lady who owns the shop is old and creepy as hell as well. Sakakibara takes a look around and finds himself downstairs. He spots a mannequin that catches his eye. But not just for any reason–this doll has a shocking resemblance to Misaki. Oh, and the mannequin is in a coffin, holding a bouquet of flowers.

A mannequin with an eerie resemblance to Misaki.

While he’s staring at the doll, Misaki just happens to appear from out of nowhere, claiming they were shopping at the same time. I’m not sure I believe her. Does she have teleportation powers? She is, after all, dead. Anyway, I hope there’s a reason as to why there’s a doll in this creepy shop that looks almost exactly like Misaki.

At the very end, Misaki is just about to reveal what she keeps hidden under that eye patch of hers. I was ready for some gory and scary stuff to happen, but of course, it was a cliffhanger. The episode ends with her taking off the straps of her eye patch, leaving me on-edge until next week.

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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    I wonder whatever happened to her after that phone call O.o
    The doll shop creep the hell out of me.

  2. Eva says:

    OTL I don’t know whether I was lucky that I had to stop watching because I had to something during the Hospital scene where Kouchi was talking with the nurse. It CREEPED THE HELL OUT OF ME! ;A; *SOBS* I don’t think I’ll be able to resume watching it, the first episode gave me nightmares just by the mood alone. *SHUDDERS*

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