Another Ep 4: The Death of Another

Once it starts, someone dies every month…

Synopsis: Sakakibara is caught up in the middle of the curse of class 3, and everyone thinks it’s his fault for awakening the curse again. There are still many mysteries to be figured out.

Impression: The fear that is instilled in all of the characters this episode is overpowering. Everyone seems to know about the curse and are afraid that they may be the next to die. The girl who Sakakibara was talking with at one point screams out “I don’t want to die!” after almost being killed by a fallen pane of glass.

Sakakibara defying the curse


Sakakibara also talks to his nurse to an extent about the events going on around him. She asks her kid brother who used to be in class 3 about Misaki and the curse, but he refuses to talk. For me, this is getting a bit redundant. Okay, we know that no one wants to talk about the curse; we get it already. Although it does raise the question of why this is. Maybe the characters are afraid that if they talk about Mei and the curse that they’ll be the next to die.

I’m still sticking to my theory that any girl who gets close to Sakakibara is targeted by the curse. In this episode, the nurse died–a character whom Sakakibara was pretty close to. Not only that, but Reiko, the girl that he lives with, keeps getting headaches for some reason. And it turns out that she, too, was in class 3 all those years ago. Is this foreshadowing? Will she be the next to go?

In this episode, Sakakibara once again meets up with Misaki in the doll shop. She claims that “it’s started again,” assumedly talking about the curse. Misaki warns him to be careful, which is possibly hinting at some feelings for him. (I really hope so…dating a dead girl? Cool stuff)

Izumi being mysterious~


Izumi continues to be quite the mysterious character. Although it seems that everyone knows about the curse of class 3, it seems to me as if she knows more than the others do. While talking with fellow classmates, she actually takes the blame upon herself and says that she should have gotten to Sakakibara earlier to warn him about the dead girl that haunts their class.

Again, all I can see in the coming episodes is more deaths, and I’m not disappointed by that.

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  1. TimesTicking says:

    That is a good theory about peoples death, my theory is similar to yours but what I think is that whoever talks to Sakakibara about Misaki Mei dies.
    Thats why the umbrella girl and the nurse died.
    So the next one to go is whoever talks to him about Misaki.
    Good horror anime so far XD

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