Another Ep 3: Irony

 Synopsis: A lot happens in this episode. It continues with Misaki taking off her eye-patch from the last episode, which I’m sure everyone was on their edge of their seats to find out. Misaki and Sakakibara remain in the doll shop for a while, then in school, he tries to find out more about the “rumor” of the dead girl from class 3, 26 years ago.

Review:I absolutely loved this episode. As I said, it begins with Misaki taking off her eye-patch to show Sakakibara what she

Misaki's look-alike doll.

keeps hidden underneath. Turns out, she has a green dolls eye inserted into her eye-socket. Heterochromia is sexy to me, so I’m completely okay with this. I think that the doll that looks like her in the doll shop that we saw in both this episode and in the last episode was a hinting towards this. The doll that resembles Misaki has green eyes, and Misaki’s replacement eye is green. A coincidence? I don’t think so.

The story is told again about the girl from class 3, who died 26 years ago. But this time, it’s told by Misaki herself. At the end, though, she states, “the story doesn’t end there.” At this point, Sakakibara gets a phone call from his grandmother who is worried about him. We find out that Misaki hates cell phones and devices like it, because they can be found and tracked anywhere. As a dead girl, I can understand why she feels this way.

After the doll shop scene, Sakakibara is back at school. To multiple people, he asks about the story of the dead girl from class 3. I can completely understand why he does this–I would also be overly curious about a story as terrifying and weird as Misaki’s. Although he questions many people, no one will talk about the story. They seem to be hiding it for some reason, and I think that reason is because they’re afraid.

The irony of being impaled by your own umbrella.

During the episode, it’s raining. Sakakibara does not have an umbrella with him, so a girl offers to walk him home with hers. This was very nice, but awesomely ironic in the end. The same girl who offered to walk him home in the rain was impaled by her own umbrella at the end of the episode. Is this the curse of class 3? Is it because, maybe, Misaki didn’t want her getting close to Sakakibara and somehow killed her? Does Misaki have some creepy, dead-girl powers that we don’t yet know about?

Maybe so. But all I can see in the coming episodes is more deaths. Will the entirety of class 3 be wiped out of existence because of Misaki? Oh, we also find out in this episode that Sakakibara (possibly) is the only one who is able to see Misaki; either that or everyone else is ignoring her presence.

Either way, this episode was amazing. Definitely my favorite so far from this series. If you don’t like gore or are easily frightened, I advise you not to watch this episode (or this series at all)

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3 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    The girl who was impaled by her umbrella sure looked like she could see Misaki right before she died…would seeing Misaki be a death omen?

    What was most creepy was that the ED then played, symbolically showing the characters appearing in a certain order one after another – their order of death perhaps? Misaki being the only one outside as well as disappearing at the end may mean something too. It may also be too early to speculate on the series title, but by Another, are they referring to yet “another” death?

    Anyway, to get epic shocks like that horrific accident is one of the reasons I watch anime xD

  2. TimesTicking says:

    Now this is a horror anime that I have been looking for XD
    I was like OMG at the very end >.<
    I can't wait for moreeeeeeeeee ^^

  3. Jared says:

    I like the idea that there’s “Another” ghost.

    At least, this year.

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