Another Ep 3: Irony

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3 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    The girl who was impaled by her umbrella sure looked like she could see Misaki right before she died…would seeing Misaki be a death omen?

    What was most creepy was that the ED then played, symbolically showing the characters appearing in a certain order one after another – their order of death perhaps? Misaki being the only one outside as well as disappearing at the end may mean something too. It may also be too early to speculate on the series title, but by Another, are they referring to yet “another” death?

    Anyway, to get epic shocks like that horrific accident is one of the reasons I watch anime xD

  2. TimesTicking says:

    Now this is a horror anime that I have been looking for XD
    I was like OMG at the very end >.<
    I can't wait for moreeeeeeeeee ^^

  3. Jared says:

    I like the idea that there’s “Another” ghost.

    At least, this year.

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