Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 2: And the winner for most epic character of the season goes to~


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4 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    This episode was slow and feel like its gonna be like with rest of the episodes O.o
    Lemon is the greatest character in this season! perhaps even the best character of the year XD

    • Eva says:

      I think it’s a bit early to say whether she’ll be the most epic character of the year LMAO!

  2. DarkSlayer says:

    I really think this show as another version of Onegai Teacher, i find a lot of similar things.

    Lemon its pretty similar to Morino Ichigo…

    I dont know if you watch Onegai, but even with a lot of similar things I really like the show. =D

    • Eva says:

      I haven’t watched Onegai Teacher so it’s probably one of the reasons I’m one of the people who aren’t complaining or making points how the show is similar or a rip off (but I haven’t seen any complaints about that in particular) Well it’s a bit early to tell, but hopefully it won’t stay similar for too long- at least plot wise, they can’t do much about the animation at this point lolz.

      X_X But the similarity between the two just in character designs is scary.

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