Amagami SS+ plus Episode 3: Childhood Friends

Aaaand, RESET! Rihoko’s arc was the only one I felt unsatisfied with in Season 1 – not ending up in the “just friends” category this time would be good.

Yeah I think she gave up on that diet from last time...


Now in their third year, Junichi and Rihoko continue with their everyday lives, with Rihoko still constantly worried about her weight. When the summer heat gets to Junichi, with nothing to eat in his house Rihoko offers to cook for him, and goes out to buy groceries. However, on her way back a classmate starts hitting on her, only to be swiftly rejected as she proclaims her love for Junichi, without realizing that he is nearby.


Wow, what a different atmosphere we have in Rihoko’s mini-arc compared to Tsukasa’s o.O There’s that running gag with Rihoko being Junichi’s fat childhood friend, though it does seem a little harsh when you put it that way xD I’ve said this before, but this Amagami season is much more ecchi compared to last time (similar to Nisemonogatari) and it looks like Junichi is much more daring this time too. Pity they never did tell us Rihoko’s measurements, or her weight xD Actually we can guess from how she’s covering up part of the scale reading, but if I guessed right then she’s quite heavy o.O

It’s pretty classic, to use a train to drown out a confession to someone else, only to have that person listening behind the nearest available wall. Similar to the cliffhanger we got with the ending of Tsukasa’s first episode (apart from the role reversal) we have Junichi catching Rihoko confessing to him – he’d better have heard her, because we don’t have time for even more misunderstandings xD Which is why making this whole season a two-cour would have been more sensible. Moar Ai-chan that way too – she only got a cameo this time round. Wait, why is Hibiki there? Didn’t she already graduate along with Rihoko’s Tea Club friends? LMAO, EPIC FAIL.

Nishishi, I wonder how things are gonna play out now? If they ever get to dinner, that is. Be a man, Junichi – punch Makabe’s lights out for trying to hit on your childhood friend/love interest. Also, happy ending please AIC, we’ve been trolled badly enough ever since you decided to end everything unresolved even after four episodes of supposed development. It was quite frustrating to have Rihoko just accept how things are right now with Junichi, with both of them being in the Tea Club. Even now, halfway through her arc, the only reason Junichi knows she likes him is because she overheard him rejecting another guy.

PS Although I don’t particularly love Rihoko out of the six, all her expressions were pretty cute. Especially when anyone mentions food, eating and dieting.


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. DarkSlayer says:

    I always thought Rihoko have the most sexy body in amagami… and she sings very well. But my favorite is Ai, then Haruka and Tsukasa.

    • Vantage says:

      Ai is by far the best girl xD Not to mention that Koi wa Mizuiro was the catchiest ED from Season 1. Maybe I’ll like Rihoko a bit more if her arc ends up getting somewhere. It was such a disappointment that she was fine with just staying friends with Junichi T_T

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