Amagami SS+ plus Episode 2: Promise


Tsukasa quickly realizes that Kurosawa is trying to lead both her and Junichi into a trap to disrupt them even further, but dismisses it and makes Junichi promise to never kiss anyone but her. After the election speeches are presented, the results show that Tsukasa managed to win a landslide victory, and will start her term as the Student Council President next year. Later, after Junichi manages to fall into a river, he takes a bath together with Tsukasa at her house, and promises to be with her forever.


Looks like I went overboard with the screenies again…

Similar to what happened in the Kamizaki Risa arc in the original season, Tsukasa wasn’t naive enough to believe that Junichi would willingly cheat on her, which was definitely true in the end. And if it turned out he did, I would be feeling very, very sorry for both him and Kurosawa, since all hell would break loose. Seriously – look at that DANGEROUS face.

The oath swearing came back too, for one final run xD This time it was a lot more personal compared to the first season’s threat, but I got a laugh out of Tsukasa going: “Repeat after me.”

I won’t kiss anyone apart from Ayatsuji-san.
I won’t kiss anyone apart from Ayatsuji-san.
I won’t kiss anyone apart from Ayatsuji-san.  

While I would have liked a bit more conflict before Tsukasa pwned Kurosawa in the final election, this show is only a one-cour after all, and so I guess they would have had to speed it up a bit. I love how Sae-chan ended up coming in second place due to Miya’s encouraging even after Tsukasa’s landslide win, while Kurosawa and the other pervert guy ended up trailing at the bottom. We’ll never know what she did to push all of Kurosawa’s voters towards her, but some things in this world are better off remaining a secret xD

They put in more Junichi x Tsukasa moments, which was perfectly fine with me – glad to see it’s living up to its status as a “pure” romance. I did notice the increase in ecchi, and sex was strongly implied, from my point of view at least. Oh well, all for the fanservice I guess, and it helps the BD ratings too. In particular, deredere Tsukasa in her swimsuit had her jump up in my ranking of favourite Amagami girls, at least until I take an Ai-chan to the knee *gunned down by the Skyrim fans*

It’s Rihoko next! Here’s to hoping that there’ll be a proper ending with her this time, since we unfortunately never got one last time – or a confession for that matter. Speaking of endings, I noticed the absence of the ~fin~ that each arc usually ends on, and a little bit of me died inside whenever I saw one of those. It was more of a “crying forever” moment when Nanasaki Ai-chan’s arc ended last time *sobs* I’ll miss Tsukasa all the same, if only for her unique personality xD Anyway, on her behalf:



I love cute things.

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