The iDOLM@STER Episode 5: Idol Fanservice

Yay, it’s Miki all the idols in swimsuits!


The air-conditioner at the office has broken down, and since they have a lack of jobs anyway, 765 Pro (minus Kotori) go for a trip to the beach, relaxing and having a bit of fun. Everyone stays overnight at a nearby inn, and at night Chihaya, Haruka, Makoto and Iori chat about their aspirations.


It’s 765 Pro’s non-existent budget working its magic again – why else would the air conditioner suspiciously break down in summer? And that other indirect jab at the lack of money was hilarious too; when the camera panned from a five-star hotel to the modest inn right next to it xD Wow, how does that inn even get business?

Right now, the idols aren’t popular enough as of yet, and even with them going out in public with loads of people, no-one ends up recognizing them o.O Of course, with beach comes swimsuits, and in a show with 13 idols this episode was full of fanservice. Gotta feel sorry for Chihaya and her almost-flat chest though, she was particularly sharp about that especially when standing next to Azusa and Takane xD We love you all the same, Chihaya <3

Miki’s pretty sly with how she handles boys ^^ First taking their food, then sending them off to fight amongst themselves. It’s heavily hinted she’s after the Producer though, from stealing an indirect kiss off him to “accidentally” walking into the men’s bath.

Haruka, Chihaya, Iori and Makoto’s chat about the future was pretty ambitious, though given the anime’s two-cour length I’m sure they’ll achieve their goals to some extent. It sure beats sitting around in the office with that empty to-do board anyway. I found it pretty ironic how Iori tells the others to be realistic, and the next day Azusa, Ami and herself are officially part of a new idol unit, Ryuuguu Komachi (OMG that name is so cool). If I remember right they’ve turned up in the IM@S games as a rival idol unit to the ones the player is producing, and you VS them at some point. Hopefully Ryuuguu Komachi will become the springboard that helps the other idols to stardom as well!


I love cute things.

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