The iDOLM@STER Episode 13: Shining Stage


The time for 765 Pro’s debut concert has arrived, however things begin to go wrong when Ritsuko informs Producer that Ryuuguu Komachi is stuck in a typhoon and can’t make it on time. Through everyone’s efforts, the girls manage to please the crowd of visitors and pull off a successful concert, even before the main act turn up.


Yay for Miki and her buying time for Ryuuguu Komachi! I’ve never really heard of an unsuccessful concert, but that’s probably what would have happened had Miki not excited the crowd a bit, as well as manage to pull off two consecutive song and dance routines. Seeing as the majority of people there turned up to see Ryuuguu Komachi (hence the huge amounts of Ryuuguu merchandise), I can imagine they were pretty bored with the length of the opening acts. I wouldn’t have been, since both Miki’s Heart of the Marionette and everyone’s Jibun REST@RT were amazing songs – the others weren’t too shabby either. I recognized REST@RT as the one everyone had trouble with a few episodes ago as well.

That concert stage is a pretty big jump from their last concert, which was at that town in the middle of nowhere (you know, when Yukiho had that punk outfit on) so I was surprised there weren’t more stage fright incidents or stuff of that sort.

765 Pro as a whole seem to be pretty unlucky – first it was problems with learning the song, then it was the whole Miki incident and even on the day of the performance, things still go wrong. Oh well, overcoming trials in anime is always more interesting than a flawless concert. Still, Makoto and Yukiho’s costumes got fixed up pretty damn quick considering Makoto had a drenched outfit, and Yukiho’s one was torn down the side. In terms of Ryuuguu Komachi’s lateness, what could they have been doing to be all the way at the airport? I would imagine getting more practice done is a better idea than going off to another event xD

Also it seems that President Takagi’s friend is a reporter of some sort, and the fact that he was present at the back means he’ll most likely write an article about the concert, which will hopefully get the girls some recognition in the idol world.


I love cute things.

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      IKR? Epic Miki is epic. She’s actually really talented, but doesn’t work as amazingly as she could because she’s just lazy xD

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