The Producer grows jealous in a sense of Ritsuko’s success and strives to get some of the girls in his group to become successful, however as result he quickly becomes overwhelmed with work.


This episode focused alot on the Producer and a little bit on Miki.

I felt bad for the Producer because he’s not doing as well as Ritsuko is doing with her group. But lets face it, Ritsuko knows the girls better and has more experience, both on stage as a former idol and as producer/agent, whatever she is. The Producer doesn’t know the girls as well and doesn’t exactly know who to pair up with who. So with that said everything is pure chaos. Another thing is, he’s so desperate and trying so hard- his behaviour gives off the impression to the companies he’s trying to appeal to that: “Oh it must be because they aren’t that great that they are so desperate for it.”

I wasn’t a huge fan of of Smokey Thrill, but the dance was enjoyable to watch.

Miki received a small wakeup call that if she wants to be able to perform and wear cute outfits she has to put effort in her work. This time she actually volunteered to go out as Hiibiki’s replace and thanks to that she actually saved the day because of her epic memorization skills.

I like Miki, she’s pretty cool. She got that laid back personality and totally awesome! I’m looking forward to see her true potential as her memorization skills has certainly given us a small insight of what she can pull off.

Overall I found the episode quite a bit dull….


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