The iDOLM@STER Ep 14: Bring In the Bad Boys

After the successful performance, 765 Pro finds themselves packed with busy schedules and in the spotlight!  As result, new rivals emerge, with a boss determined to crush 765 Pro by using underhand attics.


AHHHHH!!!! I LOVEEE THE NEW OPENING SONG!!! UFF, IT’S SO ADDICTING, I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR THE FULL VERSION!!!! And much like what the new opening was all about “CHANGE!”, 765 Pro’s idols are all embracing a boost in their idol career thanks to the success of their performance (Episode 13)! However now in the spotlights of the music industry brings forth new rivals!!!
Say hello to our first official set of villains! 961 Pro’s president and his bishies!

Oh wait Haruka the middle guy before- he was an ass to begin with.

It turns out the real motivation behind the reason why Pro 765 girls were targeted in the first place is because their president, Junjirou was good friends with 961 Pro’s president Takao and were previously friendly rivals. However that all changed because Junjirou didn’t approve the way

I already despise President Takao for what he did. I hate characters that use underhand tactics (unless they are fabulous max like Sanetoshi).

Miki was so cool this episode. I loved how chilled she was about the whole mess and went on how they didn’t lose because they were soooo much cuter (TRUE FACT) than Jupiter!

Inori was freaking epic how pumped up she was to use Minase Conglomerates’ influence against them. But like the Producer told them; it’s best not to fire back with the same tactics because that would only drag them down to their level (and not to mention the chances that backfire against them by Takao using that to his advantage would hurt their reputation badly).

Overall this episode was pretty good. I was wondering when we’d get our first set of villains since Shinkan Shoujo  totally didn’t count and well, they are finally here! TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH!


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