The iDOLM@STER Ep 12: Selfish Miki

Miki ditches practice after she lost all her enthusiasm to do well for her first live performance after Ritsuko reveals that she will never able to get into  the Ryuuguu Komachi group. The Producers goes out to search for her and try to persuade her to return.


Miki was pretty selfish. It was her own fault that she misunderstood the producer ,which i quote from ep 8, “I can’t answer that” for the reason she wasn’t invited into the Ryuuguu Komachi group.

She wasted a lot of precious time but I wouldn’t worry too much about her dancing routine because of her excellent memory. But still, it baffled my mind how she was complaining about ‘lack of cute costumes’, ‘fame’ and ‘performance’ when… um- hello, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE PREPARING FOR ONE RIGHT NOW!!! While I do like Miki’s character, this is one of her biggest flaws which makes me annoyed with her.

I was actually shocked to hear that Miki is only 15. I thought she was like, seventeen or eighteen. O_____O;;; She doesn’t look or act like a 15 years old at all (yes i know this is an anime BUT STILL, I’ve seen 15 years old characters portrayed differently…HECK SHE’S MODELLING WEDDING DRESSES!!!! >_> Maybe it’s supposed to be a flowergirl dress…)

The Producer was also partially at fault for having created the misunderstanding in the first place. What he should’ve done was tell her to wait, and explain to her AFTERWARDS. However even if he did, it might’ve ruined the enthusiasm that was born from the misunderstanding in the first place and to strive to do well for their routine.

Last but not least, I wasn’t too surprised to see that Chihaya realized what was going on based on the Producer’s bodylanguage and Miki’s sudden disappearence. It was also professional of her to tell Miki the save the apologies for later and get back to work. Out of everyone in their group, Chihaya is by far the most mature and professional artist. She knows what she wants and what it takes to make it successful. Wasting time is not an option.


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