Shakugan no Shana III Ep 10: Chosen Battlefield

Shana braces her chance to escape and seeks for more power within her as she fights Uval the Chaotic Beat of Burdening Drums. Meanwhile, Rebbecca works on luring Puruson away from Khamsin and realizes she’s against a tough opponent and Vast declares an emergency order to have all troops return to the Seireiden ASAP – only to find out that was one step behind as the Sophie and the Flame Haze troops arrive by air and destroy the barrier around the Seireiden, leaving the Divine Gate, vulnerable.


WOOHOO! So Shana found the power within herself and started kicking ass all on her own and Wilhelmina is all like, “;A; She grew up so fast… She’s independent now~ DAMNIT SHE WON’T NEED MY HELP AS MUCH ANYMORE!” and I was like awwwww.
Lets face it, I’m pretty sure Wihelmina sees Shana as her daughter, be it she is aware of it or not. And because of that, we see a different side of her every time it involves our sweet little Flame Haze.

Puruson was considerably a tough opponent for Rebecca. She might’ve been done for if it weren’t for the surprise ambush and arrival of the Flame Haze. I have to say, Sophie’s approach to entering Bal Masque’s territory and hosting the battlefield not only in the middle of nowhere AWAY from the human population, but also had brought down the Seireiden, leaving the Divine Gate vulnerable.

I must say, that ambush was TOTALLY BADASS. I also love how ordinary humans helping out, probably within the Outlaw piloting the planes.

I love how Sophie was able to be one step ahead of  Vast who was doing a really good job as a commander up to this point. It’s interesting how Fecor actually figured out how Wilhelmina and her team managed to get inside their territory without being seen while  Vast didn’t. Perhaps because Fecor was actually in Seireiden and understands it more than Vast, who looks like he’s pretty comfortable in his… uh… wherever he is.

I was also pleased to see Lamies help Wilhelmina out and negotiated with her so that they wouldn’t have to fight. I seriously love this guy, he’s one of my favourite characters and I’d be so sad if he were to die. But at some point he will have to fight, and man it’s going to be a tough one on who to cheer on for – depending on who his opponent will be.

It looks like Shana and her group will be heading inside Divine Gate and if they do, I hope they’ll be able to proceed safely since, well… Sairei no Hebi mentioned the risks.

I wonder what will happen?


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