Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 24: Fruit of Fate [FINAL]


Holy shit…


It turns out the reason why they were cursed in the first place was because Kanba shared his fruit of fate with Shouma, who was not chosen to escape the box when they were younger. Then later on, Shouma had found Himari and offered her his share of the fruit of fate and then because of that it ended up cursing Himari.

Thanks to Double-H, even without the diary, Ringo was able to figure out what the spell was. She was prepared to take on the punishment in the Takerba family’s stead however Shouma prevented that from happening by him paying the price that he was supposed to pay in the first place with Kanba in her stead and then confessing that he loved her back.


Ringo x Shouma = CANONZ?
I suppose so even though it was for a brief moment…. 

After that we learn that Kanba’s and Shouma’s existence is no more than a dream to everyone they known. We find out that they are reborn, as younger children who were talking about the same things the two little boys were saying back in episode one about the train of fate. The penguins, though the boys cannot see them follow them, which makes me wonder whether they are still punished or not- after all, Sanetoshi did say that the train will eventually come back again.

The penguindrum turned out to be the fruit of fate. I suppose I wasn’t exactly too surprise while on the other hand i hadn’t actually thought about it being the item.

Overall this ended pretty well. I’m quite surprised that I didn’t cry, nor shed a single tear. Some people may feel this finale was kind of rushed thanks to the constant switch between the present and the past. I think that might’ve be the cause of preventing me from feeling emotional like I’d usually would.

I was a bit disappointed to see that Sanetoshi wasn’t featured much in this episode as he was pretty much sitting down, watching the whole event unfold and having doubt that Ringo figured out the magic words. I have to confess, as much as I love how Ringo stepped up the game and pretty much saved everyone’s butts for having found the answer I found it quite anti-climax and a bit out of blue.

Last but not least, I would like to elaborate on Sanetoshi’s character on last time.
So lets put it this way: Sanetoshi is deemed as a curse because he fights against fate, but is that really a bad thing? Does it make him a bad guy because he has to pay the price for having desired a different fate? What would’ve happened besides the price of the sacrifice of taking many innocent people’s lives in exchange for Himari’s? Would he have kept his word? Those are some of the things I wonder about. He despises fate, he disagrees with the idea of the lost ones being unable to survive and reveal their existence to the world as the law of fate declares that you must have received the Fruit of Fate to have been chosen to escape the boxes. It is forbidden to share that fruit of fate that was given to you, otherwise if you do- you are punished aka cursed.

So next let’s elaborate on Momoka.
Momoka saved both Yuri and Tubaki by paying the price in their stead to transfer their fate. As far as knew for sure, that Tubaki was one of the children who was sent to the child broiler like Himari. Yuri was saved from being killed/violated and abused by her father. So what would’ve happened if Momoka didn’t have to attempt sealing Sanetoshi? Would she have tried saving Shouma and Kanba?
It seems only certain children are chosen to be saved by Momoka as she is limited because she is the one who pays the price. Would the weight of the punishment been too much for Momoka to save Shouma and Kanba anyways? Perhaps so. In this case that would make their fate unavoidable.

Alright that’ll be it. This concludes my last entry of Mawaru Penguindrum! I’ll have the Overall Review up with the show’s final grade featured with no spoilers ASAP! Look forward to it!



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2 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    I’m feeling this sudden sense of closure now…it was amazing all the way through!! Funnily enough I didn’t cry either, but I did shout RINGOOOOO and SHOUMAAAAAA when it was appropriate to ^^

    Maybe the cycle/punishment is restarting again with Shouma and Kanba being reborn? Since now they have two more penguins (Masako + Himari’s curses) in addition to their own.

    • Eva says:

      Omg thank god I’m not the only one who didn’t cry! Yeah I did shout the same thing and everything.

      Hm as for bonus punishment… hm….
      It makes me wonder about that, but good point.

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