Gundam AGE Ep 7 & 8 & 9: Bulk Gundam Upgrade

A triple entry again…
This needs to stop.
I apologize for the inconstancy of getting this out. It’s just I haven’t been feeling too well since last, last Sunday. =_=; Unfortunately next week’s entry will also be delayed only because I’m going to be busy, but I’ll have that out before the end of the week!!!

Episode 7


The AGE Machine creates a new armour/weapon for the Gundam to take on the new modeled EU after they delivered some serious damage.
Okay cool!
No, not really. I could care less about “OH STOP FIGHTING BLAH BLAH BLAH AKJDAKLSHF:KAJSG”
Seriously I did not enjoy this episode.

So Flit is taken in ‘custody’ by Zalam and he ends up learning about Grodek’s request for warships and his past. It’s not surprising to see that he wants to seek revenge against the UE for having killed his beloved family. We also learned that Grodek has discovered the UE’s nest and plans to destroy it. It’s precisely why he wants the warship so that they can take them out and hopefully end the whole war (which is so unlikely to happen, in fact it will probably even make it worse).

Ract’s character design, though we haven’t seen him outside of his mobile suit uniform, but I found his character design for most part, especially his face is far more appealing in a sense of ‘maturity’.

In short, overall this episode felt immature. The whole ‘battle’ against Euba and Zalam failed appeal to me, alhough I must say, it at the very least shows the level of their mobile suits’ technology. These two parties in particular prefer to focus more on physical combat rather than light-beams and gun power.

It was also good to see Largan battle even if its temporally. He had missed his opportunity during the first episode, so it was cool to see how long he could put up a one-sided fight and hold up against the UE’s new model in his crappy mobile suit. I do hope to see more of him in the future in combat.


Episode 8

Bitch, Talk to the Hand


For most part of the episode, I found it incredibly boring. You know like, I really could care less about the Gundam. I find what’s going on right now, the current pace, or maybe it’s just the characters – I’m not enjoying this as much as I hoped to. The episode only got ‘better’ when Woolf showed up with his sexy G-EX, which I already love more than the Gundam.


I must say the G-EX is one hell of a sexy mobile suit. It looks absolutely fabulous and it rocks!

Another thing that’s been bothering me is the mood. Something is lacking because seriously, if I can enjoy Gundam 00 for several episodes with not exactly ‘direct contact with enemies’ right off the bat like Gundam Seed and this series Gundam AGE had, there’s something wrong.
It could just be the character designs, the chosen OST tracks, and the pace – but…

Anyways, on the positive note we’re getting plot development, it’s moving forward. The place where Woolf went to get his G-EX made is revealed that the guy is also making the EU mobile suits. Yark Dole, who is known as the Dark Merchant is part of EU and on top of that, we are also told that he has blueprints for the mobile suits and such that were never to be found again. Pffth, well that explains their consistent upgrades.

Episode 9


*HEADESKS* Really? Really now? Is this for real???
Please tell I’m not the only one who felt this was ridiculously corny and cliched and ugh. Just, I… I don’t even know how to react to this.
I actually CRINGED!!!!

The first half of the episode was alright, but then we got the whole “love love speech (that made me cringe, I did NOT enjoy that ONE BIT) battle the UE lalalal revenge lalalala backstory, truth lalalala, backup lalala” and I did not enjoy that.

I love Gundam, I really do, but why are you doing this to me?!?!?! It has to be the fact I’m not moved by this, I can’t connect I don’t feel for the characters like I have in the other series which is the reason why I’m lacking motivation to get this out weekly!

Anyways about the episode. So Madorna wasn’t actually producing the UE mobile suits, but Yark Dore had asked him to enhance it a bit. It also appears, as I have suspected fora while now- the mobile suits probably don’t have anyone in it.

It also appears that the UE is always challenging the Gundam because rather than ‘get rid of it’ right off the bat, they want to gain Flit’s knowledge and technology and see how quickly he can come up with a new model. I do wonder whether they are aware about the AGE system or not. I somehow wouldn’t be surprised if they had something like that themselves since they just keep on improving almost every encounter.

Overall, this was not a great episode. The first half, as I mentioned in the above – pretty good but then the whole speech and announcement just didn’t fit with me, therefore I didn’t enjoy it.

Perhaps next week’s episode will be better since there will be a fight and all. Honestly speaking, I doubt they are going to do very well, moreover, it’s specifically because it’s their first encounter that I doubt they will do well. The whole AGE system is producing new gear but the UE always seem to have a new model ready to fight them, and if they encounter those new models, they won’t have the advantage of being two steps ahead.


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