Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Ep 8 + 9: Sena’s Mansion

Apologies for the delay, been caught up in a lot lately =/


From a scene in one of her galge, Sena suggests that the Rinjinbu should all go to the pool. Yozora and Rika both didn’t take to the journey too well however, and ended up going home early. With those two gone, Kodaka, Sena, Yukimura and Kobato head home as well.

A few days after that, Sena invites Kodaka and Kobato to her house to meet her father, Kashiwazaki Pegasus, who turns out to be a little strange. Kodaka and Kobato end up staying the night, and promise Yozora to turn up at the club the next day.

Ep 8 Impression

I couldn’t help but feel slightly unfulfilled, and definitely trolled at the cutting short of what was supposed to be a fanservice and ecchi-filled swimming ep =/ Not sure why Yozora and Rika felt that uncomfortable around people to feel horribly ill, but I guess it’s somewhat natural for a hikikomori like Rika. As expected though, the comedy was top-notch as usual, but you have to feel sorry for Maria and the misguided overfeeding she gets. But still, hilarious Maria quote is hilarious xD

“When he forced me to eat that weird medicine stuff, I swore to God that I would chop the cigar off this shemale, but I take that all back now!” – Maria 

How very…religiously devoted of her xDD And then there was THIS.

While I have nothing against Maria, in terms of their continuous banter I’m firmly on the Kobato side. Of course, all this loli fanservice is helping. Her distressed face when the air conditioning broke was beyond adorable by the way. Pity you only get imoutos like this once in a blue moon IRL *sob*


The galge Sena was playing, the amount of possible bad endings would have been hilarious to try and explore. The fact that just ONE wrong turn has an instant bad ending sounds like an amazing game to play. Still, I can’t help but feel that Yozora jinxed it with the shark coincidentally turning up.

 Oh, and Yukimura CONTINUES TO BE IMMENSELY GENDER CONFUSING O_O Seriously, wearing a girl’s swimsuit because Yozora told her to? o.O He/she doesn’t meet the standards set by Hideyoshi though. Actually I doubt anyone will, even Hideyoshi’s friends think he’s a girl. So do I sometimes.

Ep 9 Impression

I swear, Sena’s whole family (or everyone that lives in that mansion at least) are all slightly delusional, from her dad’s dodgy name and historical look to the butler that thinks Kodaka will rape her o.O Calling your son Pegasus isn’t exactly a smart move either, was it supposed to help him make friends at school or something? Either way, he gets wasted really easily, and is exactly not how I imagined a rich guy living in their own estate to act. That estate is HUGE by the way, there was literally a park you had to walk all the way into before even seeing their mansion.

Not that it wasn’t ever there before, but I’m starting to really notice the amount of ecchi mixed into this show, especially for Kobato and Sena, who both were involved in dramatic slow-motion streaking across the hallway as Kodaka (and later Stella) watched on. And so for all Sena fans I can present this glorious shot, which is barely legal as far as I know for the type of pics allowed on this site, since we don’t do hentai. Yet. Anyway, Sena fanservice!

…By the way, I haven’t failed to notice at all that all 3 screenshot’s I’ve put in so far were ecchi related. And coincidentally, the funniest ones too. So…LOOK IT’S A HORSE!

I love how Sena got bitchslapped xD No prizes for guessing that Yozora was underneath the mask, and I think she was pretty pissed when Kodaka told her he was missing club today, and suspiciously Sena sends her the same text a bit later. Notice how Yozora has “Taka” saved as a contact instead of “Kodaka”, even though we all know it by now some confirmation every now and then is always welcomed. The park Sora and Taka played in when they were kids made a reappearance too.

The show seems to be slowing down in terms of pacing – if you include next week, then that’s three weeks with some form of swimsuits in the episode, and that’s not even counting the time when Sena and Kodaka went to the pool by themselves. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the episodes are getting a bit routine now.


I love cute things.

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