Mawaru Penguindrum 19: Forgotten Truths from the Past


My god. So now it’s revealed that…

  • Shouma can use magic (fruit of fate) and saved Himari
  • Sanetoshi wants the diary gone
  • Himari isn’t actually their blood-related sister but had been saved by Shouma when she was at the Child Broiler like Tabuki had
  • Kanba agrees with his parents ideals, and knows where they are and on top of that – aware that they plan to accomplish their failed plan
  • Sanetoshi wants the children to succeed what their parents failed

Okay so basically Shouma shares the same ability as Momoka and Sanetoshi except doesn’t own a diary or at least has a different way of ‘transferring fate’. Instead he uses the Fruit of Fate.
But the question now, is whether he remembers that or not, and whether he can still use whatever power he has. The important thing about Shouma is that, he despises his parents for what they had done. Kanba on the other hand doesn’t and is focusing on protecting the family when the time comes.

That also brings me to when I last mentioned about the Opening. In this case, I find that it’s symbolically speaking about how Kanba will be following his parent’s ideals while both Himari and Shouma do everything in their power to prevent it from happening.

And then we learned something very interesting.
Sanetoshi wants to diary to be burned, destroyed, and to no longer exists. He claims that it’s nuisance for this ‘game’ he’s trying to complete. Unfortunately for him, Masoka did not burn the diary like he had hoped her to do. This brings me to the next point.

The Penguindrum: The goddess within Himari, or at least the hat- we don’t know whether she’s part of Sanetoshi’s schemes, or at least working with them. The whole idea hunting for the penguindrum could be:

A) To gain possession of the diary and destroy it to prevent it from getting in their way like the last time when Momoka had intervened.
B) To quickly Change Fate through the goddess’ or Shouma’s abilities (perhaps Shouma could pull it off if he had the whole diary)
C)  Could shockingly be the key to make the parent’s plans succeed

Overall, this only ended up raises a bit more questions, but also managed to clear up a few things. With Shouma as Himari’s ‘soulmate’, Kanba be it whether he knows it or not is aware of it- he’s dealing with one-sided love. However as they like to Fight against Fate (those who hate their current one), I wouldn’t be surprised if her soulmate were to change- especially if Shouma doesn’t love her the way she loves him.

Extra Blurb: This is purely theoretical.
What if we were to change this a bit? As the past event is the past, now they are fighting the current:

  • The story about Mary and her little lambs revolves how one day Mary finds the apple tree had withered and cried and cried and cried as the world had shrouded in darkness. Then suddenly she heard voices and saw two abnormally large black bunnies who encourage her to ‘borrow’ some ashes from the Goddess’ shrine to revive the tree and succeeds.
  • Black Bunnies perhaps are Evil??? Maybe in this story they serve as the Devil?
  • However The Goddess grew angry and decided to punish Mary because what she had done was a tabboo and by choosing the smallest and youngest of the three lambs (Himari) and declare a cruel fate, claiming it wouldn’t be a punishment if it weren’t unfair.

Himari suffering an illness (Withered Tree)
Kanba is desperate to save the one he loves (Mary)
Shouma is ‘Inoccent’ and doesn’t want to do harm and focus on living and surviving (Lamb)
Momoka’s Diary (Ashes from the Goddess’ Shrine)
Sanetoshi trying to gain possession of Momoka’s Diary and destroy it (Black Rabbits)
Ringo- I’m not entirely sure yet.


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3 Responses

  1. Myst says:

    …This show is such a mindfuck. I think I’ll have to re-watch it to actually assimilate everything in properly, because right now as much as I understand the story I’m still confused as fuck as to what the story is lol. This show is retarded, but awesome XD.

  2. TimesTicking says:

    Nice info that you gave out :D
    Every time this show ends we get our questions answered but more questions keep popping out as it ends…… that is just AWESOME!!!
    Once this series is over, I’m gonna watch this all over again XD

    • Eva says:

      XD Same here, it’s going to be worth it! And perhaps while doing so, we’ll pick up a few things that we missed as foreshadowing. :)

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