Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Ep 7: Welcome to the 21st Century


Over the summer, the Rinjinbu find out about the joy of modern technology, now frequently using mails to contact each other, Yozora in particular as Sena doesn’t have a mobile. When she finally gets one, Yozora gets Sena’s address off Kodaka and uses it to fill her inbox with spam and ads.


Without a doubt, this is probably the peak of anyone’s shortcomings if they didn’t have any friends, though I find it immensely hard to believe that anyone hasn’t heard of stuff a mobile phone can do – but at least it was so sad it was funny xD

It was hilarious when Rika first brought up the topic, and in particular, Yozora and Kodaka were so awed when they fished out their cell phones. Yukimura doesn’t seem to be too behind, and Rika’s a mad scientist after all, but Sora and Taka were like O_O at the concept of infrared and exchanging addresses. In particular, Kodaka realizing that he can call OTHER PLACES instead of just his home xD Electrifying.

Sena doesn’t have one it seems (and instead has this old-fashioned fancy home phone that I forgot the name of) and so obviously Sora goes out of her way on purpose to piss her off as much as she can. I counted twice this ep that Sena ran away crying “BAKA YOZORA!” which, to Yozora shows that she’s getting better (: If Itou Kanae and Inoue Marina voice two of the lead roles, you might as well watch it just for the superb voice acting. That quiet convo with Kodaka so that Sena could only hear the Meat parts was…genius, as was Sena being bashed online for trolling xD I don’t remember any of this from the source material, though this is closest to a filler we’ve ever had in this show, it was still immense. Other shows should learn from BokuTomo, you know who you are.

Rika obviously uses her time near technology to turn out piles of ecchi text that Kodaka did end up fantasizing over, I’m sure that was easy for him in the back of a bus xD I wouldn’t be surprised if Rika was actually the hidden mastermind behind every single porn site out there, in fact that would be amazingly realistic if she existed. Oh look some Rika fanservice

Anyway, this episode was probably meant as a transition between one school term to the next, as it’s pretty clear it’s summer right now for them. It looks like the next ep continues with their summer, though that would be too much if this series is only a one-cour, considering how I’m getting my hopes up for the Sora + Taka plot to advance. MAL doesn’t have any idea either, but it certainly deserves 24eps.

…I think I took too many close-up Yozora shots, though all those expressions were worth taking xD


I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. DarkSlayer says:

    This chapter comes in the light novel and is one of my favorites.

    • Vantage says:

      Ah thanks for that xD I’ve read light novel summaries for this, but not BakaTsuki’s direct translations so it’ll be interesting to see their take on it.

  2. Jared says:

    And it’s relevant to note that in the chapter Ypzora didn’t spam with ads… she spammed with comments like “Die”.

    • Vantage says:

      Haha that’s a bit OOC, I’d expect more detailed insults from someone like her ^^ Apart from “Meat” of course.

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