Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 16: Crush or Be Crushed


Shit. Okay, that dream Masako had was definitely a warning.
We were never certain of what Kanba has been doing in order to get all the money he’s been getting, but with Masako’s dream, it’s quite clear that Kanba is involved in a dangerous situation and a group with the idea of, “Taking back the World”.

For some reason, because of phrase: I’m under the impression that Kanba is part of something very similar or another alternative to what his parents had pulled ten years ago. We honestly don’t know much about Kanba besides the fact he’s in love with his sister, Himari. We have yet to learn if he carries the same guilt Shouma has about what their parents had done, because right now, it doesn’t look like it.

Speaking of Shouma, he and Ringo had a brief scene and he mentioned that he can’t be nice to her because of their families’ situation, and Ringo declared that she won’t give up because she’s his beloved stalker (I LOVE YOU RINGO!!!! <3) and says that she will change fate. This is probably the most genuine response about ‘Changing Fate’ we’ve heard from Ringo yet. She is no longer trying to be the Momoka replica/replacement, she’s now being herself and following her desires. It’s also important to remember that she has said many times over and over again that she ‘loves’ fate. So hearing her declare that she will change it, is something new.

Back to Masako: This girl, had gone through quite some hardships to protect her brother. I was actually not too surprised to see her dream of killing her grandfather multiple times and feel proud of herself. Either way, she was fortunate one way or another that she didn’t have to stain her hands by killing him herself because he ended up being poisoned due to his carelessness.

The weird part was, while it was all happening, I wasn’t sure whether it was a dream or not that her grandfather’s spirit possessed her brother. One way or another, she had poisoned herself, be it reality or not. If it were reality, holy shit- then her family really is cursed.

Another important factor is that during her dream, Sanetoshi had given her the opportunity to join, ‘Those Chosen Ones’. However, despite seeing Kanba on that side, she decided not to take that train. And that brings me to the next matter.

Who is Sanetoshi and what is his role in this?
This question has been repeated several times and still hasn’t been answered yet. For all we know, he has two little minions that are the Black Rabbits from the story of Mary and her three little lambs, so perhaps by some chance, and I’m sure people had already started suspecting so for a while now, Sanetoshi is one of the main villains. And if he is… he’s one heck of a FABULOUS villain that I can’t get enough of.
Some people had grown to dislike him, but each time we see him, I love him more and more!!!!

Finally, despite all the serious developments, there were some crack from the Survival Strategy central (clearly the Godesss is getting bored) and the brilliant english of “MR.PRESIDENT WATCH OUT!” “OMG” that was awesome!


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  1. TimesTicking says:

    I feel like history is going to repeat itself about the “Taking back the World”
    Each time the episode ends amazing stuff keeps happening XD
    I really cant predict what’s going to happen next ^^

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